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DXP - Designed for Digital Transformation

Today, providing optimal digital experiences is becoming a financial imperative. Customers expect experiences to be consistent and unified across every touch point.

Organizations stay competitive by building relationships through communication therefore according to Gartner, Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the key to build, deploy and continually improve websites, portals, mobile apps and other digital experiences.

CIGNEX can help customers build secure, unified systems for the future which can handle content and assets on a large scale with ease. Our team has implemented various enterprise solutions across all major industry verticals which include Intranets & collaboration platforms, extranets, customer portals, public websites, integration platforms, campus portals, learning management systems and much more.

15+ of digital platform development and implementation experience

200+ certified experts who have delivered 350+ DXPs across varied industries

Strong relationships with leading technology and platform providers like Liferay

Authored 7 books, 100+ blogs & 5000+ community contributions

Why DXP?

DXP allows you to deliver connected experience to your employees, customers, partners through web, mobile and other ecosystems. It also allows you to create, manage and integrate digital assets and social content to collaborate and accelerate in business. 

Granting individuals personalized access to information based on their user credentials

Streamlining customer interactions across channels to provide a consistent experience

Coordinating and collecting customer data across all touch points using APIs

Conducting web-based analytics on customer data

Secured storing of customer data collected across multiple digital channels

DXP Solutions

Modernize your intranet strategy

Modern intranets help your business run more efficiently, better address the needs of an evolving workforce, and drive consistency in service delivery for employees across the world.

Our Intranet solutions go beyond the usual communications and collaboration capabilities and help you reduce the time, and associated cost, for employees to run your business.

Keep your customers happy with intuitive, cost-efficient self-service

Empower your customers to resolve their own issues without the help of a live representative. With native Knowledge Base Management, we can help you launch an intuitive self-service portal that keeps your customers happy.

We help you fill the gaps in your customer journey by helping you build a fully customized solution which is tailored as per your business needs.

Increase the value of your partnerships

Partners play a key role in how companies beat the competition. Become their most valuable relationship with modern portal solutions that empower them to win at their business, so you can succeed at yours.

We can help you build partner portals with modern user experience, unified user experience, social collaboration & seamless mobile experience.


Develop perfect experiences for every channel

For good solutions, the authoring interface and developer experience need to work hand-in-hand. Headless CMS allows you to build out new ideas without having to buy a new platform.

With our Headless API solutions we can help you decouple presentation and content, giving you the best of both a traditional CMS and headless architecture in one platform.

Win new customers by creating personalized experiences

With DXP, you can empower your stakeholders to ensure corporate brand consistency at every digital touchpoint.

With these websites you can uncover deep insights on content performance, user behavior and customer profiles using algorithm-driven analytics solution. Our webistes can integrate seamlessly with any external platform and are allowing you to pursue any mobile strategy.

Stay connected with your suppliers

Keep your suppliers updated on purchasing activities, values and standards and give the opportunity to contact your purchasing department.

We can help you build a portal which can not only help you manage your existing suppliers but also smoothens the process of onboarding new  ones.

Unify your disparate systems

Enterprises are struggling to manage the impact of having too many disparate and disconnected systems.  

With our integration platforms, we bring in the legacy solutions into a unified system, so companies can save time and resources by eliminating silos, connecting databases and shortening business processes. Our solutions bridge the gap between the old and the new, in order to make complex processes convenient for the audiences.


Increase online revenue with B2B commerce

Replace your homegrown systems and manual commerce processes with a modern, integrated approach to digital commerce.

Leverage our experience of building B2B platforms which will help you create sustainable competitive advantages and capitalize on new revenue opportunities with collaborative experience management for the entire commerce journey.

Products Facilitating Our Solutions

DXP Cloud

Secure, reliable PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring and much more

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DXP Commerce

Grow your business with an experience-led digital commerce platform that puts B2B first for a perfect customer journey

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Analytics Cloud

Enhance your digital marketing with analytics that aggregate and visualize customer profile data and marketing asset performance for deep insights.

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