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Delivering Cloud Solutions at Scale

Cloud technology is vital to helping companies unlock greater efficiency, elasticity and innovation, and drive enduring business change at speed and scale.

Our end-to-end cloud services combine value-led and technology-agnostic approaches across strategic cloud providers to accelerate delivery of cloud solutions at speed and scale. We help find new and better ways to leverage cloud, from migration to cloud management to evolution of the cloud estate, so you can achieve the full promise of cloud elasticity and innovation. CIGNEX focuses on several essential building blocks to deliver cloud acceleration.

Cloud Assessment & Adoption

Enabling enterprises to make informed cloud decisions

Though moving to Cloud would seem to be a lucrative option to a lot of organizations but the decision is never easy to make. Cloud Readiness Assessment can help in making a rational decision by providing detailed analytics along with the cost-benefit analysis.

The assessment provides insights by looking into both business as well technical aspects of a business, thus enabling organizations to appropriately evaluate cloud for them.

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Cloud Native Development

Modernize workforce and build applications faster than ever

The benefit of creating new applications powered by cloud-native development is that organizations can focus on innovation and experimentation, all while mitigating risks.

Encompassing several technologies such as - DevOps, Platform as a Service, Micro-Services and containers, Cloud Native applications can launch a focused impact on your business.

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Cloud Implementation

Designing, building & implementing profitable cloud solutions

With a Cloud implementation, you can set up a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today's business environment, access to your data is even easier. To reduce this cost and complexities, it is imperative that organization look for scalable cloud implementation.

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Cloud Migration

Migrate the data and applications from on-premise to cloud the right way

If you are considering moving to cloud, there are a lot of factors that you would want to consider like weighing the benefits and risks or evaluating the cloud service model that would be beneficial for your business.

Companies have substantial benefit in IT costs savings, as well as improvement in productivity, business agility, and operational resilience while moving their data & application to the cloud.

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Managed Cloud Services

Cloud support to ensure your systems are cost effective, available, secure & performing 24x7

As organizations move towards cloud, there is an increasing need of cloud operations management. This encompasses designing, overseeing and management of the entire set of cloud operations processes.

As your organization makes this transformation to cloud based infrastructure, it is imperative that the cloud operations are managed effectively to ensure seamless business operations

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Aligning development & operations to achieve higher efficiency & faster time to market

For businesses willing to stay ahead of their competition, delivering high speed solutions and an optimal cost is an only viable option. Hence, DevOps comes in as a solution. DevOps not only helps in enhancing the quality of the speedily developed solution at an optimized cost but also unifies process, culture, and tools across the end to end solution building lifecycle. Cloud along with DevOps not only helps to automate the delivery pipeline, but also make it more efficient by shortening the release cycles

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Platform Expertise