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Take the First Step towards Cloud

In order to undergo a digital transformation journey, Cloud is a key component.

Today, organizations are shifting to the cloud in order to improve and enhance the availability and quality of services, drive innovation, boost security as well as reduce expenditure.

However, the challenging factor still remains to understand and execute, which applications should be moved to Cloud and which should not.

In case you are struggling to move to cloud or want to adopt renewed cloud strategies or want to get better acquainted with the Platform, in order to ensure smooth transition, CIGNEX can be your stepping stone.

At CIGNEX, we identify & evaluate simplified cloud adoption &  migration strategies which ensure organizational success and elevate your productivity ratio.

Certified Team
AWS | Red Hat | Azure | GCP certified experts

20 years of Open Source & Cloud Experience across various verticals/industries

Advised medium and large organizations on cloud adoption

Paving the Roadmap
Detailed cost estimation, and analysis of integrations & data migration

Why Cloud Assessment?

Though moving to Cloud would seem to be a lucrative option to a lot of organizations but the decision is never easy to make. Cloud Readiness Assessment can help in making a rational decision by providing detailed analytics along with the cost-benefit analysis. The assessment provides insights by looking into both business as well technical aspects of a business, thus enabling organizations to appropriately evaluate cloud for them.

Empowers organizations to make informed cloud strategy decisions

Provides empirical data to support cloud strategy investments

Establishes migration roadmap for cloud deployments

Mitigates risk by highlighting the controls and processes that support or impede cloud computing goals

Validates business cases and provides ROI analysis

Establishes a maturity baseline across business, process, and service controls to measure progress over time

Cloud Assessment & Adoption Offerings

CIGNEX offers a Cloud Assessment and Feasibility Service wherein you can decide if moving to Cloud or optimizing your current infrastructure is the correct option for your organization.

Based on your business requirement, we can help you by analyzing and recommending methods to seamlessly transition to the Cloud, while keeping in mind the security, privacy, and compliance mandates.

A proper Cloud Readiness Assessment can help you by creating and delivering concrete cloud migration plans as well as identify processes that can be easily carried out on Cloud, in order to provide your organization maximum benefit.

CIGNEX’ cloud readiness assessment service helps you to gain clarity regarding your decision on Adopting Cloud and helps you to establish a cloud adoption maturity baseline, Based in your requirement, we can help you analyze, orchestrate, and develop a roadmap with realistic goals in order to help you ensure a smooth, and successful transition to the Cloud.

Cloud Governance plays a very important role and is the key to access security, budget, privacy, and compliance across the cloud. Cloud Governance ensures that the organization’s decisions around cloud can be tracked and verified among other things. Without governance, the cloud environment can spiral out of control

However, with the rapid growth in manifold cloud environments, staying afloat without a governance strategy is not advisable. CIGNEX comes with a unique approach to deliver cloud governance solutions based on best practices that can help you with the governance related issues.

The evaluation of the Cloud platform is a service required in order to understand performance metrics and provide a comprehensive guideline in order to make a concrete decision about Cloud service adoption.

CIGNEX can help you analyze and evaluate the performance of your Cloud Platform and help you formulate methods and strategies that can best match your business’s technical as well as operational needs.

In layman’s terms, in order for applications to run, an online platform is required. Cloud Architecture is the assembling of such components in order to build a connected platform. Currently out there, there is a multitude of variations of cloud architecture, and it is crucial to understand which one fits your needs.

At CIGNEX we can help you on your journey to the cloud and help you efficiently procure and adopt the technology in order to maximize your ROI on Cloud Technology investments.

At CIGNEX our comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud solutions - from cloud adoption to cloud migration, to managed cloud operations, to cloud-native development – everything is designed to create impact and drive innovation, all while being cost-effective, reliable and flexible.

Utilize our expertise and experience to assist you in your Cloud transformation journey. Our experts can help you by creating a visual Roadmap layered with crucial information for driving your cloud readiness, and implementation program, and help you to engage with an array of people – all while utilizing the correct tools to best support your strategy.

Assessment Approach

CIGNEX’ Cloud Assessment Solution is an automated 3 step approach designed to provide a detailed analysis on cloud adoption i.e. if it’s advisable for an organization to move to cloud and if yes, which applications and infrastructure can, and should be moved to the cloud.  

The report generated provides both data and cost analysis suggesting optimum cloud configurations, cloud platforms and costs that enables organizations to make informed decisions about migrating to cloud and understanding the Total Cost of Ownership.


Review IT landscape and gather data of various business processes to identify business priorities and pain points


Business processes & compliance analysis to evaluate an organization’s readiness for cloud adoption with cost benefit analysis


Comprehensive report containing in-depth data and cost analysis with detailed recommendations on cloud adoption

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