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When architects were designing & developing monolith enterprise solutions with EJBs, Spring provided a modular platform to develop similar enterprise-grade applications that can be deployed in a simple & standard (light-weight) servlet container. You could plug-n-play services like messaging & transaction management into your POJOs, instead of creating EJBs and deploying them on full blown app servers.

Now, that the world has moved towards microservices, Spring has again provided a state-of-the-art set of tools under the framework called Spring Boot that facilitates implementation of distributed microservices. Implementation of distributed microservices leads to boiler plate patterns and this is exactly where spring boot steps in; using spring boot; developers can quickly roll up services and applications that implement these patterns.


Architecture Design

We not only architect large, enterprise wide micro services based solutions with Spring Boot but also help our customers to select and map the right products & frameworks to the architectural components.

For example, whether the default implementation of Spring Boot Config shall work best for centralized configuration or will Hashicorp Consul be a better option.


Architecture Assessment & Review

Want a 3rd eye to review your Spring Boot based microservices architecture that your team has already put in place? We do review & assessment of Spring Boot based microservices architecture and will present you with a report that will help you to further fine-tune your blueprint.


Microservices Deployment

Where you deploy your microservices based solution on cloud is a critical decision. Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Heroku, Docker Enterprise, your own K8s environment, OpenShift managed K8s or Docker - are few of the many options available in the market place.

We study your scalability needs, budget constraints and the availability of time and resources with your organization that is needed to maintain the deployment platform

Architecture PoC

Architecture is the backbone of any software solution. If architectural is brittle, the application starts falling apart the moment you start adding more features to it.

Hence its always recommended to engage with a 3rd party to not just present architecture on paper but also to implement and validate its robustness. We study your requirements; identify the critical use cases. We then develop the “analysis model” and then carve out the architecture.

We deliver end to end architectural PoC which leaves nothing to imagination. Your teams can then take over and implement the entire solution on top of the architecture baselined by us.

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Turnkey Solutions

What’s our USP? We know more than Java and Spring platform. We know how to write clean code. We are extremely passionate about it as well as the art of using design patterns and principles to make the code resilient to changes and are reusable.

We follow agile software development methodology to develop software solutions. We iteratively and incrementally develop your application from Inception to Elaboration to Construction to Transition.

Below is the summary of how we execute large turnkey projects

During the Inception Phase, we carve out the ‘use case model’ and an ‘analysis model’. The goal in this phase is to get the candidate architecture and some guesstimates. If you and your team have already executed this phase, then we can directly start with Elaboration Phase.

The objective of Elaboration Phase is to validate and baseline the architecture. A robust and rock-solid architecture is imperative for a system that can stand the test of time. In this phase we prioritize use cases (critical, important and ancillary)

  • Use Cases that are architecturally significant
  • Use Cases that are critical
  • Use Cases that impose high risk

By the end of this phase, we complete the implementation of all architecturally significant components and cover all risks. No unknowns, no critical questions unanswered - all risks covered or mitigated.

This is the phase where we put our entire team of programmers to develop rest of the system, sprint by sprint - iteratively and incrementally. The salient feature of our development style is that each spring will produce a deployable unit

Our Test Driven Development (TDD) approach and strong expertise on automated CI / CD ensures that we keep integrating and delivering the features to different testing and release environments.

We start with UAT in this phase and ensure that the set of features deployed in your production does not have a single unknown bug. Needless to say that known issues are the ones that are trivial and are resolved in subsequent sprints. We roll out the entire solution in this phase.

Automated Migration to Microservices Architecture

Enterprise Applications are generally created Monoliths, but as a systems grow too large and complex problems associated with the traditional back-end monolith begins to surface. Organizations face critical management issues and require a solution that can fix the technological challenges and is scalable to accommodate future requirements.

Our Microservices experts have a way to address these challenges. While upgrading your application, we break the monolith into small autonomous pieces and deploy them in a Microservices based architecture. This entire process is automated and can help you increase productivity by 20%.

We have expertise in automating the migration of applications built on the below platforms to a fully agile and flexible Spring boot + Microservices Architecture.

Migration from Liferay 6.1 / Liferay 6.2 to Spring Boot MicroservicesMigration from any Java Framework (default or customized) to Spring Boot MicroservicesUpgrade from any earlier Java version to the higher version
(5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 9 -> 10 -> 11 -> 12)
Any upgrades in Java related framework (For example - Spring) in the application

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