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Manage Hybrid Multi-cloud Environment

As organizations move towards cloud, there is an increasing need of cloud operations management. This encompasses designing, overseeing and management of the entire set of cloud operations processes. As your organization makes this transformation to cloud based infrastructure, it is imperative that the cloud operations are managed effectively to ensure seamless business operations.

CIGNEX’s Managed Cloud Operations is an all-in-one solution covering the breadth of Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) activities customized to fit your IT needs. Our Managed Cloud experts have extensive experience in defining an optimal cloud operations framework  across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

With Managed Cloud Operations, you can focus on your core business operations while we ensure your cloud infrastructure is always available, optimized, and secure – 24X7.

End-to-End Application Governance
Single point of contact for complete application development, enhancement, deployment on the cloud

Certified Experts
Team of certified AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Experts with expertise in regulatory, compliance, risk, and resilience across industries

Broad & deep core cloud infrastructure expertise in managing applications on leading cloud platforms

Cost Advantage
Proven reduction in operational costs by up to 20 percent across industries

Why Managed Cloud Operations?

With Managed Cloud Services, organizations can manage their private, public or hybrid cloud platforms with accelerated reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) ensuring optimized service delivery. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), with confidence of 24X7 Managed Services, we provide cost and flexibility advantages to our clients by ensuring

Robust infrastructure support along with round-the-clock management

Centralized services and applications for increased productivity & effective resource utilization

Better control across service levels to ensure business gain & service continuity

Timely backups and faster recovery across all cloud services and applications

Ensure that the data centers up to date with every possible timely technology update

Quick response time by MSPs thereby saving valuable time and effort

Managed Cloud Operations Offerings

Cloud Platforms Managed

Operational Excellence, Security & Governance and Advocacy & Support with 24x7 AWS Managed Services

Azure Managed Services to provide design, delivery and 24x7 support and monitoring of compute, storage and virtual network infrastructure and bring the power and flexibility of Azure to your data center

Proactive Management of Google Cloud Platform in the form of tooling, automation and 24x7 monitoring to help keep your applications running smoothly and reliably

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