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Build, Scale, and Optimize Enterprise Websites

With the classic web content management, the main objective is to create and manage online content but the other important factors which should be considered include management of user rights, full text search capabilities and the ability to present necessary content in the a way that enhances business performance.

Good Content solutions not only help in managing but also help in automating key business processes to get real-time customer insights and social analytics. This allows companies to measure enterprise content consumption patterns and the impact of marketing campaigns, ultimately allowing them to take informed business decisions.

CIGNEX’ enterprise & web content solutions enable enterprises to capture, manage, deliver, protect, and archive information assets of an organization as well as create dynamic online experiences. We assist organizations in solution strategy, mapping the right solutions, and providing choices of open source technology platforms (such as Alfresco, Drupal), followed by engaging with them in the development of content lifecycle solutions and services.

100+ content experts with various content platform certifications

130+ successful implementations across various industry verticals

Products & Frameworks
Open Source products & frameworks developed - RRAPIDO & OCM

Community Contributions
Authored of 6 books on Alfresco & 1000+ community contributions

Why Content Management System?

To reinvent underperforming, high-friction business processes, enterprises are investing in digital transformation. This requires processes and applications to have access to and control over a wide range of content, including documents, images and audio files.

Content services are accessible in multiple ways, including mobile devices and desktops, and as discrete capabilities embedded in workflows or applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This enables efficient, consistent and accurate content collaboration and decision-making across the organization.

New intuitive tools empowering business to quickly build new content and save on IT resources

Deliver time-sensitive news and resources to your stakeholders & prospects

Create role-based views for teams to contribute meaningfully while maintaining security and quality

Manage content and customer journeys across multiple websites, apps, and portals from one login using SSO options

Create personalized content based on customer data and the actions they take

Extract insights and optimize knowledge-worker productivity & business performance


The Enterprise Content Management solutions helps capture, store, and analyze a vast amount of information on a single platform. It helps streamlines the processes that help in managing files digitally. Also, it has the ability to act as a centralized database, which makes document searches easy

Record Management | Version Management

Using our Web Content Management Solutions, organization can create platforms that help them create and manage website content using website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools. It lays the foundation for collaboration while providing the ability to manage content for multiple user utilization

Intranet & Extranet | Digital Marketing Platform


Multi-channel & collaborative business solution

Content creation & publishing

Unified & scalable storage

Connect & integrate



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