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Optimize your Business Processes with Intelligent Algorithms

Data is everywhere. It has been outmost importance to interpret data & drive insight.  Today, many businesses rely on Machine Learning to derive patterns from data to monitor, analyze and predict customer/machine behavior and perform actions without human intervention.  

Computational intelligence, pattern recognition and predictive analytics are driving the future-ready Machine Learning Applications. We help organization optimize and automate your business processes with intelligent algorithms.

At CIGNEX, our experts adept at leading artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks would help you solve real-life business challenges and develop your unique concepts from idea to production.

Certified data scientists & AI/ML experts

Scalable & Customizable Machine Learning Solutions with cross platform integration    

Proven Capability
Proven track record of delivering  successful deployments

Engagement Models
Flexible and Scalable engagement and consumption models

AI & ML solutions

Analyze, interpret the unstructured data with advanced machine learning solutions. Automatic speech recognition, Image recognition, natural language processing will help unravel date and drive insights.


Discover hidden opportunities by transforming the way data is collected, analyzed, interpreted or explained, and presented.

Develop future-ready business applications that learn and adapt with time and usage


Drive meaningful insight & take preemptive actions to minimize risk by anticipating emerging trends, and make clear decisions with much greater confidence to achieve desired outcomes with predictive analytics solution.

Drive competitive differentiation by converting digital data noise to intelligent insights

Analyze multiple reports to generate smart insights that drives sales & personalize customer experience

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Approach to AI & ML



Here we collect data from internal and external (publicly available data, streaming data, logs) sources using ETL platforms

We clean, tokenize, rectify and reformat the data to make it appropriate to the Business Use Case

Applying various algorithm and then compare the observations and results and selecting the algorithm that delivers the optimum result

Improving the Data Model based on the observations to further improve results

Delivering the final analysis in the form of reports, dashboards, portal platforms etc. that would simplify decision making

TOOLS Facilitating Our AI & Ml Solutions

Our work on Big Data Analytics and AI/ML is flexible as we deploy solutions on-premise and as managed services. Over the years, we have built solutions using a technology mix which includes Data Integration, Data Management, Data Visualization and Advanced Analytics.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

We help businesses in utilizing this powerful cloud-based predictive analytics service to quickly build, and deploy models into production. The drag-and drop features of this environment speeds up the entire process.

Amazon Machine Learning

Use our pre-built models on AWS or get new predictive models to answer complex business challenges. This platform enables our experts to quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models for your organization.

Google Machine Learning

Using cloud infrastructure with TensorFlow, our machine learning experts leverage the potential of Google Machine Learning and create machine learning models for industries of all sorts.

Value Addition

Optimize your business process by leveraging AI & ML expertise. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning experts will enable you to cut down your operational costs, save time, automate tasks, and enhance workflow efficiency.

Real Time Analysis

Personalized Solution

100% Transparency

On time Delivery

Technology Competency

Cross platform Integration

On Demand Support

Satisfaction Gaurantee

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