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26 Jul 2019


Do you know that your data speaks volumes?  It’s true! The systems used in organizations today are generating phenomenal reports but analyzing those reports and generating actionable insights from them is still a challenge. When information is extracted from text, data sets or other similar sources, it is its weight worth in gold. A plethora of processes can be used in order to generate data-driven insights which could help solve crucial data problems.

What is NLG and how can it help?

Initially, the usage of Dashboards and Graphs were prevalent, however, today, with NLG or Natural Language Generation, the capability has evolved. NLG has the capability to create and deliver clear and insightful analysis based on large chunks of structured organizational data, which can help industry-wide experts in focusing and developing new and improved strategies.

Why should you choose NLG?

Popularly known as the subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the future of Content Management, NLG addresses the communication aspect and bridges the gap between humans and machinery. Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research rightly says, “NLG strives to express information stored and modeled in software in natural language that humans can understand as if they were talking to a native speaker. Applications use NLG technology to speak or converse with humans.”

Does the NLG Industry have a future?

According to Tractica, an online research based organization, ‘by 2025 the global Natural Language Generation Market is expected to reach $22.3 billion.’ This means that the NLG Market has enormous growth prospects in the near future, in both volume and value.

What are the benefits of NLG?

Honestly and realistically speaking, today, there are no industries that could not benefit from NLG. Wherever a need for content generation exists, NLG is required. For example, important benefits include:

  • Auto-Generated Quality Content
  • Accurate and Error-Free Data
  • Intelligent Insightful Data Analysis
  • Personalized Real-time and Interactive Communication
  • Timely Reporting
  • Reduces Decision Taking Time by 50%

Is it time for Industries to adopt NLG?

Recently, an employee of Gartner made a public statement that,” In 2019, automated text generation will be a key component of 90 percent of BI and Analytics platforms,”

What he meant was that as companies try to streamline their operations in the near future, they will have to adopt certain trends to improve. Nowadays, automation is slowly becoming a thing of the future and therefore is attracting a huge mass of millennials.

Moreover, NLG or Natural Language Generation has the capability to improve user experience, generate quality content, reduce expenses and streamline operations, therefore creating a composite, appealing package.

Why trust CIGNEX? Are there additional benefits involved?

If you are looking to fearlessly enter the world of NLG or Natural Language Generation, CIGNEX can be your guide.

The goal at CIGNEX is to create smart information which could help decision makers and stake holders reach a conclusive decision in relation to their respective industry. Today there are not a lot of open source NLG Software available in the market due to which, companies usually base their prices on the time taken to code and develop systems. However, CIGNEX aims to be different. Rather than basing their prices on the sheer size of the data and the number of insights provided, they utilize open source technologies and provide their clients with affordable, yet quality solutions. They are open to integrate their systems with the client’s existing Architecture which is another bonus point!

Moreover, CIGNEX does not believe in Pre-Fed Data templates that are constantly required to be programmed for each and every sentence which ultimately makes it repetitive. Rather, they provide you with a solution which is programmed with unique narratives which will help in creating a personalized experience.

Additionally, apart from several benefits such as a providing clients with a rich and Intuitive Interface, futuristic insights, automated and customized content etc., CIGNEX brings to the table decades of experience along with the capability of developing breakthrough solutions, industry-wide.

Watch the NLG Demo here: