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Improve your business processes

Operating a business has never been a simple task. Modern technology advancements provide the chance for past unheard-of levels of operational optimization and data insight.

Business Process Management is all about a holistic approach to coordinating work across all resources – people, information, machines and systems and coordinating the interactions across this broader set of resources which requires a different solution other than workflow.

BPM suite/system includes various technologies such as advanced form of workflow, BAM, rule engines, UI generation, and a graphical authoring environment.BPM’s can provide users the ability to transform processes as and when the business needs.

CIGNEX BPM solutions includes advanced workflows for portals, websites, ecommerce and ECM, and has experience of developing custom BPM as well as advanced workflow functionalities for enterprise applications using built-in workflow or by integrating Alfresco Activiti, JBPM & Intalio.

Certified Team
Certified Activiti, JBPM and Intalio Experts

20+ years of BPM development & implementation experience

Long term relationship with leading open source content services platforms like Alfresco

200+ solutions implemented for varied industries across the globe

Why Business Process Management?

Promotes collaboration and Monitors process performances to identify trends

Eliminates revenue losses by optimizing processes related to strategic planning

Ability to ensure real-time visibility as a result of process automation

Strengthens core systems with enterprise-grade scalability

Improves customer satisfaction by alignling business functions with customer needs

Reduces costs, minimizes errors and risks – thereby optimizing results


Formally approve work from different levels of the organization. With the right processes in place, review each deliverable and get approvals more quickly.

Focus on organizing people and daily work processes by creating conditional steps, or making parallel paths to follow efficiently

Single virtual environment for the management of processes, team work and communication interconnected to business processes

Leverage the data-centric capabilities of BPM and streamline customer service workflows that can drastically reduce TAT

Automate and streamline customer complaint management to improve product quality and security, reduce risks, and ensure compliance (FDA and ISO)

Focus on delivering value through improvement in contract compliance and cycle time reduction. Manage each aspect of contracting, which includes creation, negotiation, administration, as well as maintenance

Platform Facilitating our BPM Solutions

CIGNEX leverages powerful platforms to provide solutions with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes. We have built light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platforms designed to support business users, system administrators and developers.

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