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Client Overview:

Japan based global pharmaceutical company with rich legacy of innovation and a robust pipeline of promising new medicines across 20 countries for over 100 years.

Business Need:

To automate the manual process & improve efficiency by creating a robust tool for

  • Managing incoming business case submissions for potentially contracting with Managed Markets organizations & put their products on formulary
  • Generating reports
  • Tracking & analyzing the generated reports

Key Features:

  • In-System automated workflow
    • Business rule driven and form-based entry (incl. Financial Model), review and approval process
  • Approval Module
    • Email\notification for every action/approval
  • Tracking system
    • Track submissions & make status visible for  all involved parties
  • Single View of Actions
    • Dash board report module for quick updates on all requests raised
  • Data Presentation
    • Export filled forms in PDF format which can be stored in share point
  • User-base
    • 20-25 Account Managers for 2-5 Managed Markets Contract Strategy & Management


Automated process to

  • Increased efficiency by reducing time & effort
  • Reduction of security & version management concerns
  • Reports for tracking & analysis leading to process improvisation
  • More clarity with structured workflow