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Comprehensive Liferay DXP Services

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is designed for creating exceptional, consistent customer experiences across web and connected devices. Leverage the features that tackle specific challenges around cloud technology, digital tools for your infrastructure and customer experiences initiatives.

Liferay DXP allows you to deliver connected experience to your employees, customers, partners through web, mobile and other ecosystems. It also allows you to create, manage and integrate digital assets and social content to collaborate and accelerate in business.

As a trusted Liferay partner, CIGNEX offers a full range of Liferay services that include development, Upgrade & Migration, Performance tuning, and support. With profound experience and consultative approach, we act as your true business partner in your success than just being a service partner.

At CIGNEX, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. As a leading Liferay partner, we offer comprehensive Liferay consulting services that empower businesses to create, manage, and optimize digital experiences effectively.

Liferay Silver partner since 2006

125+ Liferay consultants with DXP, Cloud & Commerce certifications

Proven Capability
Implemented over 350 enterprise solutions using Liferay across all major industry verticals

Six time Community Excellence Award Winner, Partner of the Year Award recipient

Thought Leadership
Authored over 7 books and contributed to Liferay community

Unlock the Power of Liferay DXP

Our Liferay DXP solutions provide robust tools and functionalities for digital experience management. Whether you aim to enhance customer engagement or streamline business processes, our expertise ensures that you achieve your goals. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in designing and implementing state-of-the-art enterprise portals that facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across your organization.

Why Choose CIGNEX as Your Liferay Partner?

Choosing CIGNEX as your Liferay partner means benefiting from our extensive experience and unparalleled expertise in Liferay consulting services. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives and devise a strategy that delivers maximum value. From initial consultation to deployment and ongoing support, our services are designed to drive your digital transformation journey forward.

Our team of experienced developers and consultants takes pride in understanding the unique challenges of your business. That's why we offer customized solutions to best meet your specific needs. By taking a collaborative approach, we ensure that your project is delivered on time, within your budget and to your exact specifications. We believe that our experience, expertise, and disciplined approach makes us the ideal partner for your Liferay DXP Service’s needs.

Liferay DXP is already considered one of the most robust and versatile platforms on the market. But when combined with our services, you benefit even more. Explore how CIGNEX can enhance your organization's digital landscape with our innovative Liferay DXPsolutions. Partner with us to unlock new levels of efficiency and engagement through superior digital experience management. So why wait any longer? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve optimum digital experiences.

Liferay Services

Our Liferay consultants help you in understanding your business needs and identifying essential Liferay DXP components that can work well within your development environment.

With Proof of Concepts (PoC) and Discovery phases we help our customers in determining whether Liferay is the right fit for their enterprise ecosystem. From uploading Workflow Definitions to leveraging Single Page Applications (SPA) for perceived performance we consult and advise on what best suits your business needs.

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Performance is one of the most important aspects to deliver user experience for any platform. Nobody has ever built a business on poor response time. Poor performance of your platform can lead to - Business loss, Decreased Productivity & Increased Maintenance Cost

CIGNEX’ Liferay performance tuning services offer 40+ performance checks along with fixes and recommendations.

First we do the assessment and based on findings, we offer tuning services to improve the performance of the portal. We offer either onsite and/or offsite/offshore (with VPN access). When to Engage CIGNEX?

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At CIGNEX, our objective in migration projects is to maintain business continuity and coexistence with existing applications. Our approach to upgrade is described below.

Pre Upgrade Phase – From assessing application architecture to ensuring data integrity making sure all the variables are factored and accounted for before going for upgrade

Upgrade Phase – Setting up environment, upgrading extensions, web content, file system to completing functional and integration testing

Post Upgrade Phase – Promotion to production after completing UAT and running necessary sanity checks on the platform

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CIGNEX provides Liferay Application Management Services (AMS) to ensure Liferay portal applications are running with nearly zero downtime.

Our team ensures to enhance and extend the life of the applications and lets you focus on strategic and new applications/projects initiatives. We have an experience and expertise of supporting over 100 clients with Liferay product and applications with our off-shore team.

Our AMS services are an extension to Liferay enterprise product support &  covers

We offer AMS packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for clients to choose from or customize it as per clients' business needs.

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Liferay Content Optimizer

The Liferay Content Optimizer is a tool designed to optimize the content on the Liferay Platforms by identifying the unused, hidden and unwanted content items (web content, documents & pages). Post identifying, the tool acts against the unwanted content by highlighting them to the content owners and administrators, so they can purge them.

 To explain it in a deconstructed manner, the Liferay Content Optimizer takes care of two processes - Content Review and Content Cleanup. Being a product suite, the tool is packaged with a number of large and minute applications which can be additionally used to assist Liferay Upgrades, as it can make the entire process light-weight.

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Liferay Intranet | Liferay Customer Portal

Product Expertise

Liferay DXP Cloud

Secure, reliable PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring and much more

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Liferay DXP Commerce

Grow your business with an experience-led digital commerce platform that puts B2B first for a perfect customer journey

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Liferay Analytics Cloud

Enhance your digital marketing with analytics that aggregate and visualize customer profile data and marketing asset performance for deep insights.

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