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The Liferay Content Optimizer is a tool designed to optimize the content on the Liferay Platforms by identifying the unused, hidden and unwanted content items (web content, documents & pages). Post identifying, the tool acts against the unwanted content by highlighting them to the content owners and administrators, so they can purge them. To explain it in a deconstructed manner, the Liferay Content Optimizer takes care of two processes - Content Review and Content Cleanup. Being a product suite, the tool is packaged with a number of large and minute applications which can be additionally used to assist Liferay Upgrades, as it can make the entire process light-weight.

Download this brochure, and discover how the Liferay Content Optimizer can help you solve your business needs. Within the document, we have intricately elaborated information regarding the:

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Liferay Content Optimizer


Up to date and organized contentIdentify & remove outdated content and avoid content duplicationEasy Reassignment of AssetsDetailed analytics (Pie Charts & Graphs) with accurate Statistics