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Evaluate, Analyze and Visualize Data

Today, big data is one of the fastest growing fields and it is getting bigger with the growth of artificial intelligence, social media and Internet of Things with a myriad of sensors and devices.

Big Data is measured on the basis of the “3Vs”, i.e., variety, volume and velocity and can be used to extract meaningful insights such as hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, and customer preferences. The analytics provides various advantages which can be used for better decision making, preventing fraudulent activities, as well as other things.

We can help you derive competitive advantage by generating actionable insights from your Data. Our solutions are powered by the right mix of Big Data and Business Intelligence components which helps enterprises in becoming a truly data driven organization.

Over 10 years of data & analytics practice

50+ Big Data Analytics Experts

Alliances with leading product vendors – Confluent, MongoDB & Elasticsearch  

Scalability for High Volume and Variety
Data sources which can scale up to 100+ nodes & 100,000+ database with strict latency SLAs

Open Source Advantage
No recurring licensing fees, no-vendor lock-in and improved TCO

What We Offer?


Big Data Consulting, implementation, Data Architecture, Modelling & Business-value assessment

Data Migration

Selection, preparation, extraction, transformation & permanent movement of data to the right target

Master Data Management

Single view of data elements across the organization leading to assured ROIs & improved customer experience

Data Governance & QA

Save revenue, ensures security of data, ensure metrics are based on accurate and available data

Data Visualization

NLG powered Reporting, Dash boards and Visualization in Classical EDW & Big Data Implementation

Data Science as a Service

Data Advisory, Analytics as a Service, Analytics professional services and Platform services

Big Data Analytics Solutions

Enhancing Sales and Marketing Efficiency with Big Data Analytics

SaaS based product delivering B2B marketing intelligence to understand customer, improve target marketing campaigns, increase customer acquisition, reduce customer churn and deliver innovations. This online subscription based B2B customer intelligence tool has gorgeous visualizations for deep data exploration and intuitive full text search/data mining with

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Improve Workflows to Increase Operational Efficiency

Improving communication and coordination between key stakeholders at various locations to monitor and optimize time, costs, materials, staff and resources. Data collection of ~1.5 TB/day from 0.5-0.75 million devices. Real time analysis and reporting of resources - device monitoring, track progress & measure productivity. Also integrated the MongoDB based platform with machine control and site

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Increase ROI for Marketing Campaigns with Cost Effective and High Performing Enterprise DW/BI Data Architecture

Off-load the primary EDW running on Teradata as it was running out of capacity with slow performance. We created a modern data architecture using Hadoop and offered the ability to integrate unstructured data. Data from mainframes were pulled into Hadoop and ETL jobs were migrated from Teradata to Hadoop to reduce its load and boost its performance. This enabled the customer to run targeted customer segmentation based on products/ vertical/ industry. They were able to create consolidated dashboards for account executives including

Social Sentiment Analysis using Big Data

Integrated web platform built on Liferay and Drupal, for evidence collection from social media for case research, sentiment analysis and trends, data storage. We leveraged MongoDB as an operational data store, InfiniDB as a analytical data store and AlchemyAPI for natural language processing engine. The platform was scalable and was able to handle

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Achieving High Accuracy in Reduced Time with Machine Learning

Replace the manual classification of documents with an intelligent automated classification model. The solution includes a parser (Apache Tika + custom)  for content analysis and detection, a classifier  (D4LJ, Naïve Baiyes) to create model and run test set, a reviewer to audit logs, docs parsed and outliers, and review unclassified documents. The solution achieved high accuracy (>95%) while maintaining the high performance all completed in shorter duration to the traditional classification process.

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Instantaneous Search Platform to Increase Productivity

Research the portal with advanced search to enable employees with quick access to information, and resources to make faster and better decisions. Faster search across structured and unstructured data leveraging Hadoop, Solr and Neo4J.

The platform was able to return full text search in 2 seconds. It supported over 20 million documents with 100 attributes each with a volume over 200GB. The search solution was able to replace proprietary search platform and improve search performance by 10X while reducing costs.

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Features Facilitating Our Solutions

Acquire, Integrate, Process, and Deliver

Organizations across various industry verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Services, and Manufacturing etc. are struggling to tap unstructured data to their business advantage. The Data Warehousing applications in these organizations are still follow Conventional Data Management models tailored to manage structured data.

CIGNEX Data Integration follows a defined series of steps to manage data.


Pricing optimization | Sales and inventory forecasting | Customer churn prevention - 360 degree view of customer | Marketing campaign optimization

Interactive Models of Information Delivery Enabling Decision Making

CIGNEX provides multiple presentation layers for customers to comprehend the aggregated information. The easy to use, simple web based interfaces are developed keeping business users in mind assisting them in decision making. We utilize the aggregated and organized data stored in Data Warehouse  powered by Big Data solutions to present the end user with the below tools.


Big Data Portal | Custom Dashboards | Search

Real Time Data Analysis and Visualization


Real time analysis | Interactive visualization | Analysis of Internet of Things (IoT) | Predictive Modeling

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