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Forrester report suggests ‘more than half (54%) of global information workers are interrupted from their work a few times or more per month to spend time looking for or trying to get access to information, insights, and answers’

Enterprise search has evolved over the years facilitating enterprises to gain access and insights extracted from structured and unstructured data. An ideal enterprise search platform acts as an engine that enables enterprises to reduce cost, churn rate and improve customer satisfaction. 

Enterprise search platforms today have gone beyond just plain indexing to use natural language processing and machine learning platforms to offer semantics and context in user search. Hence today search engines are aligned to delivering robust presentation using intelligent clustering, functional categorization, and semantic analysis, advanced query processing.


CIGNEX provides powerful Enterprise Search Solutions for enterprises on their websites, intranets,  e-commerce platforms, content management systems,  databases and other enterprise applications. Our experts can customize search functionalities for enterprise solutions using built-in search or integrating more advanced search engines such as:

The open source Elastic Stack — that’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats — helps you take data from any source, any format and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time. Products like Shield (security), Watcher (alerting), Marvel (monitoring), Graph, and reporting extend what's possible with the Stack. CIGNEX as an Elastic Teaming Partner and Reseller helps enterprises to deploy it all as a service or on premise using Elastic Cloud within application framework.

Solr is an open source enterprise search platform and a popular NoSQL search platform which can be integrated within websites, portals & enterprise search platforms since it can index and search multiple sites, documents and email attachments and return recommendations for related content based on the search query’s taxonomy.

The Google Search Appliance provides quite a few traditionally requested enterprise search features out-of-the-box (OOTB). Even though the appliance fits the hardware plug-and-play model, it provides a flexible framework for integrating with external systems such as content management systems, document management systems, security systems, federated search and both Google and non-Google services on the cloud.

The MongoDB Connector for BI lets you use MongoDB as a data source for your SQL-based BI and analytics platforms. Seamlessly create the visualizations and dashboards that will help you extract the insights and hidden value in your multi-structured data. Our experts can connect MongoDB to your favorite enterprise BI platforms to answer your organization’s most important questions.


Making Products Visible to Increase Online Sales through Digital Marketing Portal

Read about how Solr and MongoDB integrated search solution delivered rich user experience with contextual and speedier search results.

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Key Features

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge the broad level feedback on any product/service/company or even on any topic/issue and identify key influencers & top hashtags for targeted marketing

Trend Analysis

Identify the most effective channel for marketing and customized campaigns with real time analysis for proactive marketing decisions

Contextual Search

Adding NLP, Machine learning algorithms to deliver search results that best matches the context based on the variables of search. For example, the search results for someone searching for a café in neighboring area would vary simply by the device of the query like Desktop vs. Mobile.

Social Search

Social Media listening tool that helps post level micro analysis by providing sentiment for each social mention to get direct, candid and real time feedback


Draw insights from new streams of structured and unstructured data

Analyze data generated by your modern apps - web, mobile, social, and IoT - alongside traditional data stored in your relational databases.

Scalable & Fault Tolerant Search Engine

We can quickly and easily connect new data sources and store data in to dynamic schema-less data repository that can scale up to 100+ nodes, often in multiple data centers sustaining 100,000+ database read and writes per second while maintaining strict latency SLAs and easy configuration for sharding, replication, distribution, rebalancing and fault tolerance.

Flexible Data Modelling

No more complex and stationary ETL processes that move data from one system into other systems for analysis. Our search solutions use data models that can be easily customized as per your needs to save time, money, and effort.

Open Source Technology Benefits

With experience of Open Source technology stacks, our experts helps enterprises to reap benefits of open source such as no recurring licensing fees, no-vendor lock-in and improved TCO (total cost of ownership), all at multiplier of an open source community support that can create, improve, and extend functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

Our search solutions surprise users with faster search response along with additional features for pagination and sorting, faceting, auto-suggest, hit highlighting, Geo-spatial search.

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