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Client Overview

US based service provider in GPS offering location based services in fields like agriculture, scientific instrumentation, transportation, mobile resource management and fleet management

Business Need

  • Improve performance of READS every hour of accumuled data feeds in varying formats & sizes of 200,000 devices with five million inserts per day.
  • Handle disaster recovery from multi-geography data centers
  • 24*7 support


  • Overall health check of the system with recommendations
  • Indexing based on READ patterns
  • Robust disaster recovery & failover plan & testing
  • Multi data center deployment planning
  • MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) setup for cluster administration & maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Real time feedback/intelligence to field resulting in truly connected sites through
    • Efficient devices management,  Early identification of potential issues with soil, level, etc.
  • HIGH (99.99%) availability of application through:
    • 24*7*365 Production support of MongoDB clusters
    • Data redundancy/failover through Multi DC deployment
  • Single & centralized schema less data repository for disparate yet connected navigation devices
  • 30% reduced infrastructure investments with MongoDB's elastic scaling
  • Lower TCO of database due to Open source solution (MongoDB)