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16 Jul 2020

This post takes a look at the powerful features that come with Liferay DXP. These provide ample reasons why you should embrace this platform…. today.

Delivering stellar digital experiences across websites, mobile, social media, search engines, and portals has emerged to be the biggest success differentiator for digital businesses today. If your brand needs the tools and resources needed to deliver engaging customer experiences over the digital medium, then you need not look beyond Liferay DXP. 

Streamlining business operations has never been as easy as it is with the Liferay DXP. Check out the powerful features of the solution that makes it a must-have integration to take your business to the next level of growth 

1 – Personalized experiences 

Sessions rules help you identify specific customer digital footprint. Components like signup date, access time, device type, and IP range, can help you know more about the connected customer’s behavior.
You can extract and deliver custom content at the right time to push opportunities like sales, cross-selling, and upselling. The Experiences module allows you to create different variations of the same page. This helps keep the content engaging and captivate customer attention.

2 – Connect overall business

Get a singular experience delivered by hosting multiple third-party systems on one robust platform. You can also avail of a wider suite of solutions like Liferay Commerce and Liferay Analytics Cloud.
As a result, you can extend the functionalities available from your chosen digital experience portal. Also, if you need to migrate from redundant systems and bring on-board a powerful DXP solution, then it becomes easy to transition from various legacy systems into one feature-packed platform. 

3 – Power up digital strategy

Digital transformation need not be relegated to the marketing team. With Liferay DXP implemented the smart way, you can extend its USPs across the board. Get vital customer data to help teams from sales, marketing, supports, and operations.
No need to recreate the wheel across different teams. Break silos and elevate efficiency when you use the single platform to use content, customer data, and services. 

4 – Impactful identity management 

Comply with the latest GDPR norms and privacy laws by optimizing identity management across the organization. The new-improved management dashboards and APIs help you to tackle personally identifiable information removal requests.
This will help you remain highly efficient when handling tasks like bulk deletion and anonymization. 

5 – Revamped workflows module with analytics integration

Workflows have been a crucial success factor among Liferay users. The current 7.2 version takes it a notch ahead and integrated workflow analytics. This advantage gives users the power to analyze how the workflow is used and its efficacy based on the data it collects.
Users get real-time insights of all open and in-progress process. As a result, management can single out process bottlenecks and streamline the process for better business efficiency. 

Maximize business value with Liferay DXP
You would need a reliable tech expert like CIGNEX. We can leverage Liferay DXP to help you deliver personalized experiences for your customers. Our involvement will also help improve the level of services across departments and make business operations more efficient. 
Connect with CIGNEX today to know how our expertise can come in handy to help you harness the maximum ROI form Liferay DXP implementation.