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Evolve, Manage, and Scale Solutions Securely with DXP Cloud

Liferay DXP Cloud adds an expert foundation for deploying, managing and scaling your projects in the cloud, while making it easier to quickly overcome the digital challenges faced by business and development teams.

CIGNEX’ secure, reliable PaaS solution supports any type of Liferay Portal. Our experts can help establish a solid groundwork for your business while continually improving and evolving with engaging digital experiences powered by a leading DXP. The enterprise PaaS and DXP work together to enhance each other and enable greater digital transformation.

With auto-scaling, auto-recovery, development tools, environments, and monitoring, it supports elastic growth and minimizes downtime. This enables a real end-to-end digital transformation strategy that allows your organization to stay on the edge of innovation, cutting down the time it takes to manage DevOps complexity and redirecting IT resources to where they can deliver new business value.

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Liferay DXP Cloud Offerings

At CIGNEX our experts can help you launch your website with a secure, reliable PaaS solution that simplifies infrastructure management, while saving IT resources, helps achieve faster time to market with enterprise tools and leverages best practices to help deliver faster with confidence.

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Liferay DXP Cloud Features

When it comes to adapting your digital strategy due to changing security and technology needs, Liferay DXP Cloud is uniquely positioned to help you achieve digital transformation. Build the fast, easy-to-navigate digital environments customers want and the agile, secure environments your business needs on a certifiably reliable and secure platform. Here are some of its advanced features:


Leverage customizable self-healing processes and performance optimization to ensure high availability for your applications.

Application Management

Liferay DXP Cloud’s straightforward interface enables you to manage applications with a few clicks.


Stay on top of each project’s performance and health with real-time monitoring and advanced metrics.

Development Cycle

Streamline the development cycle with a full CI/CD strategy that enables zero downtime deployments.


Deploy with the confidence that your project and data will stay secure in the cloud.


Ensure projects stay protected with advanced permissions and roles that match your governance policies.

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