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Business Need

Client wanted to migrate from their existing marketing research solution to an alternative technology that can address their business challenges such as

  • Two different portals for company and network websites for the same business needs resulting into duplication/redundancy
  • Access & role-based security for all stakeholders (includes Content Authors, Vendors, Retailers)


On understanding the challenges, CIGNEX recommended the adoption of Liferay, Open Source portal solution. Key features of the collaboration portal include:

  • Integration with rich Adobe Flex UI user interface to remove manual overheads on content creators by leveraging Liferay permission model to manage asset permissions
  • Introduced instance roles to differentiate vendor and retailer /customer
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS) for single sign-on
  • Migrated content from Apache Jackrabbit to Liferay Document Library as volume of documents grew (high availability)
  • Localization with support for 32 languages

Key Benefits

CIGNEX delivered a seamless platform integrating existing marketing and engineering portal to offer a marketing research portal for their customers.

  • Single marketing research portal platform delivering rich user experience
  • TCO reduction
    • Cost advantage over license, infrastructure and migration through adoption of Open Source solution