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03 Feb 2020

Customer experience is rising to become the top priority of many business companies now-a-days. The expectations of these customers with the services provided by an organization are also growing with each passing moment. The need is to have a system that can guarantee improved customer satisfaction, which is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key-role.

With the help historical data, AI is being used to minimize the chances of errors while providing extreme accurate analysis and solutions. More and more organizations are using AI to improve their customer interactions and experiences, by searching for immediate solutions and actions regarding opportunities that can boost customer experience and simultaneously provide them leverage over their respective competitors. This helps achieve goals such as; lower customer churn, higher revenues, less staff turnover and increased growth.

There are five major areas where AI is currently collaborating with businesses all around the globe to help them achieve better customer experience and satisfaction. Some of them are:

  1. Customer Engagement
  2. Personalization
  3. Accuracy and Consistency
  4. Insight in Real-time
  5. Customer Service Analytics

Customer Engagement

AI can collect key information on the customer {customer relationship management (CRM)} and make it immediately available to a particular agent. This helps the agents to engage with customers in a more easy and intelligent way than ever before. It also saves customers from hours of waiting in queues to obtain information. This development has made the customer care process easy and comfortable for both the customers as well as the agents. Customers Issues are resolved more quickly and efficiently and additionally, tools such as urgency detection and sentimental analysis are used to help to detect urgent and emergency issues so that they can be dealt on priority basis.


Customer attention is a very difficult thing to grab nowadays owing to the different Marketing Gimmicks of several Brands. In order to have your customer permanently engaged, customer service agents should be equipped with AI tools. These tools help them to map and analyze the experience that the customers are having and can predict the ways in which this experience can be improved by filling the loopholes. The need is to reach a level of deeper customer understanding which can only be achieved with the help of AI. This information can help in developing business policies and goals that offer high personalization and relevant responses.

Accuracy and Consistency

AI is powered with standard algorithms using machine learning that uses historical data. These algorithms help to attain more accurate information by analyzing humungous amount of data. This huge amount of data can be processed with zero error using AI. This is how AI can help in delivering precise and accurate analysis that can be relied upon. AI tools have more data crunching and processing power and these tools could be applied for making predictions leading to more accurate insights.

Insight in Real-time

AI is bringing more insightful and real data in no time with its power of interpreting both written and un-written texts. Being used to provide safe, secure and fast services, the combination of AI and data is providing many business institutions with:

  • Increased Outreach and interaction which helps in serving the customers more efficiently and effectively
  • Intelligence pertaining to the needs of the customers
  • Increase in the number of customer engagement
  • Gaining deeper and better insights regarding the customer

AI can provide agents with best possible responses based on the intelligence of the product and customer.

Customer Service Analytics

The best use of AI in business is customer service analytics. AI can help you in finding out the sentiments of the customers regarding the respective products. Aspect based sentimental analysis can help in analyzing customer services, understand where they are going wrong and how they can better themselves, in turn, providing customers with personalized services.

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