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Transform the definition of data by making it more than just numbers, spreadsheets and graphs. Leverage the NLG Factor and create actionable insights to help solve real world problems by simply integrating it with your existing architecture. On-cloud or On-premise? The choice is yours!

According to, the Natural Language Generation market is expected to grow from USD 322.1 Million in 2018 to USD 825.3 Million by 2023. Being an upcoming solution, NLG can be applicable to any industry, at large. It contains a set of particular tools designed specifically for analyzing and interpreting data while generating information in simple and accurate English.

CIGNEX brings forth its technology expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for usage in the creation of Natural Language Generation (NLG), which enables decision-makers, to read between the lines and create concrete evidence for a compelling case by focusing on tasks of high-value and identifying opportunities worthwhile.

Now with the world moving towards NLG at a rapid pace, Our team of seasoned professionals have mastered the art of understanding the detailed requirements of every client, and have the capability to implement countless solutions accordingly.



Rich and Intuitive Interface

Automated Content

Completely Cost Effective

Reduced Roll-out time

Content Customization

Futuristic Insights


Live Structuring of Unstructured Datasets availableNarrative Data Building based on an Automated Grammar TemplateProduce Content for any LanguageOpen to System Integration with Existing Architectures

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