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Client Overview

A global network of financial policymakers from developing and emerging countries working together to increase access to quality financial services to the poorest populations

Business Need

To build a Drupal 8 based integrated global platform entailing financial inclusion policies, regulations, and outcomes that is defined by policymakers for the benefit of policymakers

Key Features

  • Accessible through various channels
    • PCs, tablet and iOS &  Android OS based mobile phones
  • Robust & SEO friendly CMS
  • Multilingual support – French, English & Spanish
  • Faster front-end performance
    • Page load time: < 2seconds (despite access from various geographies)
  • Email based registration with approval mechanism
  • Dynamic reports for data visualization
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • Integrations – Google API integration for auto translations
  • User Impersonation rights to admin through front end (90% data edit via admin)
  • Content Volume
    • < 1.5 GB | < 3000 Records


  • Easy access to information site wide
  • Enhanced user experience & user engagement
  • Improved business performance
  • Access to advanced reports for usage tracking  & quick decision making
  • Reduced AMS costs by standardizing technology platform