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Client Overview

Founded in 2017, Singapore based tech-enabled healthcare company providing on demand healthcare solutions. Operating in over 5 countries with 2.5 million+ users across Asia.

Business Need

  • To replace the existing legacy system with a new Clinic Management System (CMS), which serves as a central platform for the key stakeholders like Doctors, Clinics and Patients
  • To integrate other systems with the new CMS to
    • Remove bottlenecks
    • Reduce manual intervention
    • Increase system efficiency
    • Boost overall productivity of various user groups

Key Features

  • Micro service Architecture design model for development
  • Build, Deploy and Monitor
    • CI/CD  Jenkins
    • Monitoring  Prometheus, Grafana, Kubernetes dashboard
    • Artifactory  AWS ECR
    • ELK APM and ELK logging    
  • Integrations for end to end workflow orchestration
    • External eco system platforms like internal database,  NetSuite and other 3rd party apps like labs
    • In- house inventory management system
  • Migration of existing data (Patients, Inventory etc.) from Plato to new CMS
  • Patient management modules
    • New patient addition & search option for existing patients
    • Schedule/View/Update appointments
    • Post visit management
  • Reports for intelligence gathering
    • Generation of summary, invoice, inventory and product sales reports
  • Ability to send surveys and collect responses
  • Hosted on AWS
    • Data backup & AWS default security


  • User friendly management system with round the clock availability
  • Centralized application for all stakeholders
  • Single platform for all data management
  • Scalable architecture to manage future user growth & integration needs
  • No dependency on external systems