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30 Jun 2020

Experts believe that the COVID-19 outbreak is a global tragedy that will have long-lasting implications for humanity as well as our economy. As the coronavirus continues to spread rampantly around the world, an alarming number of enterprises have witnessed a new low-blow financially, due to their supply chain disruptions and dampened customer demand.

It is unclear for how long this pandemic will last, however, what is clear is that COVID-19 will drastically impact businesses for months, probably years.

Keeping this in mind, it is imperative for enterprises to build the necessary operational resiliency in order to survive through this new reality. This pandemic has emphasized the value of digital transformation and highlights why organizations should utilize this moment to accelerate the transition.

Recently, IDC conducted a survey remotely, and consulted about 32 CXOs from 10 different verticals, regarding their opinion on the impact of the new coronavirus on corporate business and how new digital transformation measures should be instated after this pandemic.

It is time for companies to identify areas which can be transformed by continually evolving and adopting new digital solutions internally as well as externally.

So how can CIGNEX enable enterprises cope up with situations like this?

Given that CIGNEX is a global leader in driving Digital Transformation through Open Source, Cloud and Automation, our prime focus is to now provide tools and solutions to support our customers in navigating these unforeseen challenges.

Open Source

The utilization of Open Source technology has always been associated with functionally cohesive and cost-effective solutions. Due to this global health crisis, companies are looking for innovative solutions which have led to focusing on open source technologies as they are more accessible, deployable, and interoperable.

To fight this inevitable war, many open source technologies have been developed that are currently being utilized. The SORMAS (the Surveillance Outbreak Response Management and Analysis System) is one such system that had been created on open source in order to curb the Ebola outbreak in Africa. That system has currently been adopted by organizations to track the COVID-19 outbreak. Similarly, the DHIS2 is a health system built on Open source that is being utilized globally to actively report and manage surveillance in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are many Open Source technology platforms that can ensure that the business can run smoothly even in challenging time like these. Organizations are now moving towards enabling them digitally with solutions like self-service portals, Big Data solutions and AI & ML solutions which can ensure business continuity in times of distress. If you are considering utilizing Open Source solutions, CIGNEX can help.

We have authored several books and several papers on Open Source technologies including, Alfresco, Liferay, UX/UI and Plone, and frequently participate in Open Source Industry events as well as conducts trainings in various regions around the globe. Read more here.


Now that COVID-19 is together with us for the long haul, the need to maintain business continuity is fast rising. The need of the hour is to ensure workforce enablement by looking for seamless operation solutions. This is where cloud computing/cloud adoption emerges as an essential solution.

According to a recent study, ever since COVID-19 has come into the picture, cloud usage has increased significantly by over 31 percent globally.

Businesses are scaling up their digital transformation efforts as companies from various verticals are realizing the benefits and value of cloud.

As stability and flexibility for platforms and services, are at stake, cloud is slowly becoming an indispensable technology during this pandemic. By facilitating remote work, enabling ecommerce, supporting health services, and creating Unified Communications, cloud is able to provide organizations with a secure and agile work environment.

This concludes the fact that one of the smartest things anyone can do now is to transition to cloud. Considering Migration? Read more on Migration to the cloud


In these times of uncertainty, Automation can be a key factor in helping organizations by staying connected across systems, while maintaining customer support and offering stability.

Now that Automation has evolved more than ever before, organizations are finding various business lines that they could automate to reduce cost while achieving higher efficiency, especially during these troubling times.

Recently, OpenVault, a broadband company stated that since COVID-19, internet traffic peak hours have increased by more than 41%. Automation can help in several ways such as, by monitoring networks in order to identify and manage bandwidth, peak traffic, as well as monitor patterns.

The ongoing global disruptions emphasize the need for more customer care services, including the requirement for bandwidth stability for remote workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought businesses to an abrupt halt. This business crisis proves how Automation is the need of the hour.

This entire work-from-home scenario during this pandemic sheds a new light on how organizations can conduct business, with automation as the driving force. Automation can be utilized to improve customer as well as employee experiences and believe it or not, several companies are in their planning stages to rebuild and reinvent a new ecosystem. The competitive advantage lies in reaching there first. So why stay behind?

Whatever your automation needs  are, CIGNEX can assist you. From Robotic Process Automation to Process Mining to DevOps Automation to Marketing Automation, we have helped organizations across industries with various use case implementations. Explore more here


Digital transformation doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it is an ongoing process. Change and venturing into the unknown can be extremely difficult, but the benefits that come from creating a forward-thinking, customer-focused, digital company can be lasting. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can hope that this forced change brings about a break in the clouds for business globally.