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Providing end-to-end Services on GCP

Want to accelerate your digital journey towards sustainable growth?

Introducing Google Cloud Platform - a completely integrated storage, data, machine learning, and analytics platform that breaks all barriers. It provides you with the flexibility to manage infrastructure, provision servers, and configure networks with ease.

At CIGNEX, our team of GCP certified consultants can help you accelerate cloud adoption, and augment your digital enablement. While providing end-to-end solutions and services for companies building critical cloud solutions using GCP.

We can guide you as to where to begin, based on your current business needs, legacy systems, in-house expertise and cloud objectives. If you need a reliable IT outsourcing partner, get in touch with one of our cloud expert to experience the power of cloud.

Certified Team
Highly trained and certified Google Cloud experts  

GCP Sell and Services Partner

End to end expertise ranging from consultation to support

Google Cloud Platform Offerings

Our flexible engagement model is designed for you to explore everything GCP has to offer. Learn more about our various GCP services:

Audit and assess your current environments to determine an actionable business and technology roadmap that leverages the power of GCP. Our consultants can help you develop a cloud strategy as well as define a business transformation road map, and implement cloud management solutions.

Planning to deploy your product to GCP or manage it there?

Since cost-efficiency scalability, and security becomes some of the most important parameters to clear, let CIGNEX handle it for you. We can help you with the configuration aspect so that you can build and run efficient GCP systems.

CIGNEX can help you with your cloud transformation journey by creating a comprehensive adoption roadmap that manages all aspects such as compliance, application dependency, and finance models.


CIGNEX can help you manage your GCP workload with our ongoing support. Be it ad hoc technical or consultative in nature, we will support and guide you on your architectural roadmap. Leverage our support to ensure business growth, cost reduction, and an advanced use of cloud services.

Google Cloud Platform Benefits

Reduced Cost

Google Cloud Platform is an affordable investment and customers only pay for what is being used and when it is actually used.


Having access to all the relevant programs constantly is a specialty of Google Cloud Platform. It is fast and easy to use, and provides an added benefit to those working from home.


Choosing Google Cloud Platform, means choosing security. GCP provides you with an unparalleled security model that has been built upon over the course of 20 years, and secures manifold products and services such Google Search, Gmail etc.


Google Cloud Platform means scalability and flexibility. It ensures that you focus on your business, instead of micro managing servers that are not functioning as they should be.


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