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Client Overview

Founded in 1954, one of the oldest and largest agencies in the world, a nation-wide visa agency with full service offices in San Francisco, New York and Washington

Business Need

  • Reduce cost of mailing and faxing the application forms for passport and visas and other related documents
  • Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating manual labor and high turnaround time


Content management based application portal with

  • Passport Services
  • Visa Services
  • Secure and personalized travel documentation for operators of cruises and tours


  • Reduced operational costs by providing online travel documentation
    • Reduction in incoming phone calls for travel documentation
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to expedited response to questions and reduced forms processing times

"CIGNEX is the one of the best IT consulting groups we've worked with so far. They really took the time to learn our business model and came up with creative ideas to save us money. And with CIGNEX using proven, Open-Source technologies we've saved thousands in licensing fees you'd typically pay with commercial software". Gavin O’Connor, Director of IT