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28 Apr 2016

Today enterprises have to be more cautious in making decisions & are interested in tacit information in the form of graphical representation & analytics. The broadening on the Business Intelligence space has definitely offered an advantage. Though, what is often forgotten is any good data analysis tool is as good as how the analyzed data could be represented.

This is why I think INTELLIGENCE REPRESENTATION must be the priority for every organization. There are two facets of this extravaganza. One is Data (i.e. furnished information) & other is Visualization.

Data - SiSense new age BI engine

SiSense is a Business Analytics software managing complex data by providing a complete solution for big or disparate datasets. Believe it! It’s compatible with MongoDB as well (with ElastiCube Manager).

Technology – Single Stack Architecture & In-chip Engine. SiSense is great because

  • Shortest time to insight
  • Minimal TCO
  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Perfect fit for Developers

Fully Responsive - It supports Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari 7+. It provides an entirely browser based intelligence with no local footprint or installation. You can access it with your handheld device, anytime, anywhere.

SiSense supports Windows 7 and up, Windows Server 2008 R2 and up & predominantly cloud deployment.

Visualization – Liferay DXP (a Digital Platform)

When it comes to building an effective dashboard, Liferay 7 (DXP, new version) will be apt choice thanks to their latest user experience language Lexicon. Liferay is an Open Source Software specifically designed to manage 3rd party integrations, content & visualization capabilities. We recently implemented Liferay (version 6.2) with SiSense and the advantages include:

  • Visual representation of reports and dashboards provided through the reporting engine
  • Designated areas, managed by content management modules, available for analytical inputs from your team of data scientist
  • RSS Feeds integrated from your identified sources. The RSS information displayed can be filtered based on the data type such as geo, corporate and hierarchy

Liferay-SiSense Integration – How hard can it be?

All we need is – SiSense REST API & it’s easy to integrate with OPEN SOURCE.  


In my view, the combination of SiSense and Liferay 7 can offer a powerful solution for INTELLIGENT REPRESENTATION, compared to other Open Source BI, in terms of:

  • Time to production- Days/Weeks in SiSense
  • Low Software & Hardware Cost
  • Minimum Professional Services & technical Expertise