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Delivering Improved IT Operations

With the New Now platform, you can automate business processes by creating workflows that can simplify your daily business operations.

CIGNEX is a global leader in providing ServiceNow Implementation Services that helps organizations gain maximum business benefits from the Now Platform.

Being Specialist ServiceNow Partners, CIGNEX has enabled many leading corporates transform their services and workflows into the Now Platform efficiently, without compromising customer experience.

We provide end-to-end services from Initiation to Post Deployment Support. If you are considering ServiceNow as your new Service Management tool then we are an ideal partner, considering our ServiceNow expertise and experience.

We can help you implement ServiceNow products from scratch or enhance their functionality in your existing solution, as per your requirements.

Our approach to ServiceNow Implementation allows organizations to plan, design, implement and manage ServiceNow efficiently that in turn leads to achieving:

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ServiceNow Implementation Approach

Develop a Pilot Project

In order to demonstrate the benefits of the Now Platform to your executives, CIGNEX can do a pilot project for you. Once you are ready for the main implementation project we integrate the major enhancements as per your requirements.


ServiceNow Implementation Consulting

Our ServiceNow Developers help you build a clear roadmap based on your requirements. This includes - Identifying opportunities and requirements, aligning requirements with ServiceNow functionality, allocating resources, defining best practices, set up implementation roadmap, integrations with required systems, reporting and come up with a user adoption strategy.


To achieve maximum efficiency from your ServiceNow Platform you would definitely need to integrate it with your existing systems and services. We can help you integrate ServiceNow with your IT infrastructure, existing ITSM solutions, Email exchange, Cloud Service, CRM, Instant Messaging Apps, Data Analytics and Intranets.

Configuration & Customization

Our ServiceNow Developers make edits and tweak properties and functionality of the Now Platform to meet the ever changing business requirements. This involves creation of Standalone apps, adjusting code based functionality & much more based on your requirement.



ServiceNow Implementation also involves importing crucial data into your new platform for a better ServiceNow platform experience. We identify the data needed to be migrated and then we validate, reconcile and migrate it to your new ServiceNow Solution for it to adapt to the platform’s data model.


ServiceNow Training

In order to utilize the new solution, trainings are provided to various employees from different departments as the platform caters to each department differently. This enables a smooth functioning and better user experience and higher productivity. While training, the users can also come up with feedback that allows us to tweak and custom edit the app for a better functionality.


We make sure that you have a foundational configuration management database (CMDB) model, as well as processes for CMDB development and maintenance. After transitioning to the new ServiceNow platform a combination of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), training, customer support checks, and Go-Live support ensures that the system is operational and ready for everyday use. Once we are done with the development and testing, we launch the product.

Post Deployment Support

In order for you to adjust and adapt to the Now Platform, our ServiceNow Implementation Services provides a post launch support for 90 days. During this period we unblock any challenges with the system itself, as well as help your employees with technical support.


ServiceNow Solution Expertise

We have experience of working across a wide variety of ServiceNow solutions which had enabled us to build connected enterprises as well as modernize operations business transformation.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management)

ServiceNow ITBM (IT Business Management)

ServiceNow ITAM (IT Asset Management)

ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management)

ServiceNow Platform


ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance

ServiceNow Security Operations

Why Engage CIGNEX?


Specialist ServiceNow Partner & Reseller


Experience of implementing SeviceNow solutions to clients from various industries

Certified Team

Certified ServiceNow developers with experience of implementing various ServiceNow Solutions

Support & Monitoring

Management of the platform by monitoring overall health, usage, and security of the environments

ServiceNow Implementation Services

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