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Client Overview

A global business advisory services firm providing corporate training & consulting and facilitating leadership & excellence for their client’s in their respective industries.

Business Need

To replace Solar Wins , Zen Desk & Gold Vision with a ServiceNow based IT Service Management Platform for end users – IT Helpdesk & application teams for

  • Incident Management: To automate reporting & tracking of single or group of incidents
  • Problem Management: To configure an application workflow to deal with the change
  • Change Management: To control the request-manage-approve process and the changes that modify organization infrastructure
  • Service Request Management: To provide a customer facing view of service & product offerings
  • Reporting: To receive OOB reports

Key Features

  • Incident Management
    • Automated interface between event management & incident management tools to enable categorization of incident types and their resolution
  • Problem Management
    • Configured OOB best practice problem management workflow
  • Change Management
    • Standardized methods and procedures for efficient & prompt handling of changes
  • Service Request Management
    • Structured & well defined service catalog encouraging customers to serve their own needs
  • Reports
    • Configured OOB reporting
  • Streamline support for up to 70k users
  • Integration with Active Directory


  • Increased efficiency & productivity of support teams
  • Optimized business risk
  • Better end-user uptime and satisfaction
  • Improvement in achievement of service level targets
  • Reduced TCO