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26 Jul 2021

ServiceNow - the best Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool in the market today, helps organizations increase productivity, decrease cost, digitize processes, and also enables in smooth operations and support which ultimately results in customer and employee satisfaction and an increased ROI. ServiceNow is a very powerful platform which is capable of running a lot of popular processes comprehensively. Due to its versatility, agility, and efficiency it is been implemented into a wide range of workflows in various industries like Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance, Finance & Banking, Government projects, etc.

It is important to remember that ServiceNow, being a powerful platform, offers a huge possibility to enhance existing processes and workflows. However a careful, pre-planned approach to ServiceNow development goes a long way to achieving organization-wide digital transformation goals. Following are the steps to successfully initiate and implement ServiceNow which can be moderated as per your needs and respond to future industry shifts.

  1. Identify : It helps when you have a clarity of what it is that you want to achieve. Envisioning your short and long term ROI goals can enable the ServiceNow implementation process operate seamlessly. Strategize frequently of which processes can be optimized or replaced and make sure to avoid patterns that restrict future opportunities. Take into account your existing resources and its capabilities and identify if it’s going to be the right fit.
  2. Plan : Analyse and evaluate process management, time management, risk factors, cost efficiency, resource management and customer satisfaction. Keep analysing these business processes to see how they can be modified to best leverage the platform. Make sure you have the right ServiceNow developers for a successful implementation.
  3. Refer to Best Practices : You can always research the best practices of similar ServiceNow implementations by other companies. These best practices can help you avoid roadblocks, overcome challenges and mitigate losses. Start by going through some case studies. You can always refer to the case studies of CIGNEX as it has successfully implemented ServiceNow for various large Multinationals.
  1. Create, Deploy and Test : Once you have a roadmap in place, start the creation process by SCRUM plugins within ServiceNow. Run a review to define “as-is” and “to-be” states for the processes you’ll implement. Make sure you have a foundational configuration management database (CMDB) model, as well as processes for CMDB development and maintenance. After transitioning to the new ServiceNow platform a combination of User Acceptance Testing (UAT), training, customer support checks, and Go-Live support ensures that the system is operational and ready for everyday use.
  2. Training and Feedback : An understanding of the new platform is crucial for the adoption process. ServiceNow implementation may vary for different people from different departments in your organization. Providing the appropriate training is essential to maximise the platform utility and leverage its unique service management capabilities. Train your employees on relevant ServiceNow tools or ITSM frameworks. It’s also important to understand that many people are not inclined to change, so in order to ‘get everyone on board,’ you need to explain the benefits and opportunities that the new ServiceNow platform provides. Frequent ServiceNow trainings and feedback sessions should allow your workforce to adapt to the new system efficiently and also help the management understand and mitigate challenges.
  1. Hire ServiceNow Developers : It is imperative that you hire ServiceNow experts for a smooth functioning ServiceNow platform. Not only do you require them for creation, development and implementation, you will also require them to efficiently train your workforce. ServiceNow experts can also be pivotal in the governance, daily operations and support in your organization. You would need these resources if you are considering ServiceNow as a long term solution.

    At CIGNEX you can hire from a pool of certified ServiceNow Consultants and Developers who has developed and implemented many complex ServiceNow Solutions. The ServiceNow Experts can be hired for your short term as well as longer term projects on fixed cost, full-time, part-time & hourly hiring basis, to match your needs.

  1. Choose a ServiceNow Partner : ServiceNow as a solution is very agile, efficient and effective and is gaining popularity worldwide. It needs the right approach to initiate, plan, create, deploy, implement, test and modify with the ever changing shifts in the industry. Hence a ServiceNow partner is required who not only has expertise but also experience.

    CIGNEX being one of the leading ServiceNow partners has a vast experience in effectively implementing ServiceNow as a preferred IT Service Management tool specifically designed to meet various organizational needs. ServiceNow ITSM, ServiceNow Implementation Services, ServiceNow Managed Services and ServiceNow Consulting are one of the core services we have provided to many leading corporates.