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28 Sep 2016

While working in a fast paced world, it becomes essential to cope up with the existing and upcoming challenges that come one’s way. Big enterprises when dealing with data services need a well-optimized service provider that takes care of all their needs in IT, HR, marketing, project management, field service, finance, and leadership. These fields of services need a sound platform for proper execution and that is where service management software providers like ServiceNow come into the picture.

What is Service Now?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based enterprise service management and software solution provider, which hosts a range of services in all areas of enterprise importance. They deal with all major, and minor services related to an enterprise and provide solutions for the same. As a powerful tool, ServiceNow works towards meeting the clients’ needs in zones ranging from IT to finance. The reason for their popularity has been the growing demand for a service provider that could provide improved digital up gradation to the existing systems.

How ServiceNow Delivers?

ServiceNow helps mobilize work in the best possible way by adopting an interactive approach that keeps them ahead of the competitors. The service model facilitates a smooth flow of work, reducing the excessive dependence on emails and spreadsheets. Such a service model integrates and incorporates automation with the existing services to bring to the fore the best possible mode of service management.

Apart from providing services, they also offer enterprise cloud storage facilities that safeguard in case of system crash.

The list of products and services at ServiceNow is:

  1. Business management

ServiceNow offers a comprehensive range of services to an Enterprise and helps with automation of various important functions. They utilize cloud-based services to offer seamless solutions across the enterprise.  Services are customized according to the set business goals which are integrated into precise execution and bring wide-ranging benefits to the enterprise.

  1. Application Development

ServiceNow promotes cloud-based app development. It enables even personnel with base knowledge to develop cloud-based apps for integrated organizational development. Moreover, as all applications developed on ServiceNow are stored on their cloud server, they can be seamlessly integrated with other services of ServiceNow. ServiceNow, fosters the confidence in employees in an organization to take the initiative and develop the apps according to their needs.

  1. IT Operations Management

ServiceNow helps with educating employees, modernizing the existing service desk of the enterprise and helps with the usage of IT to strategically drive business priorities. By helping integrate the service offerings of an enterprise with its IT functions, ServiceNow helps in reduction of costs, automation of processes, and also providing the employees with an engaging, intuitive and superior experience.

  1. Enterprise cloud storage

ServiceNow also entered the digital market with their cloud architecture venture. This helps store the entire enterprise’s data on the cloud. The secure architecture and ease of access help the employees access the required information with ease and integrate with the cloud-based apps.

  1. Security

ServiceNow with help of its security operations offers the enterprises with a single platform to respond to various incidents and security threats. This helps in expediting the response to such threats. Also, it enables the security team to spend less time while managing simple tasks and pay more attention to beefing up the IT security of the enterprise.

ServiceNow offers a comprehensive service model, on the lines of which, further or more enhanced services are designed by enterprises. By offering a gamut of services based on the cloud platform, ServiceNow helps with automation of enterprise functionality and delivers an integrated, mobile and interactive experience.

Case Study

At CIGNEX, we ensure that the right implementation of ServiceNow gives maximum benefits to your organization. We have had multiple cases of successful integration of the ServiceNow across different industry verticals. Today we look at one such case study for a Japan-based global pharmaceutical company with an employee strength of 16000 spanning multiple countries.

They had approached CIGNEX with the aim to automate their incoming document and business case submissions for taking their business contracting ahead with the various Managed Markets organizations. They also needed interactive reports to be tied up to this process so that the senior management can analyze these reports and formulate decisions accordingly.

Our ServiceNow implementation helped provide the below features to the client, for 20-25 account managers interacting with 2-5 Managed Markets Contract Strategy & Management

  • In-System automated workflow - Business rule-driven and form-based entry, review and approval process.
  • PDF form filling for exports and storage on SharePoint for global access.
  • Single Window view with the help of elaborate dashboards

These features helped the client to automate its incoming document submission for as many as 60-150 business cases.  Accuracy and operational efficiencies increased exponentially while bringing down security and version management concerns.

Do share with us your requirement to enhance your business operations and we will assist with the right fit of ServiceNow implementation.