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The release of Drupal 8 provides great opportunities and advantages for digital marketers and those creating new cloud-based applications. Drupal 8 delivers all the power, capability and ease of use to make it a true enterprise-ready tool, with features rivaling any CMS on the market. Security Coverage for Drupal 8.9 Ends in November 2021

Why Upgrade/ Migrate to Drupal 8??

  • Enhanced Security

  • Greatly improved mobile-first authoring experience

  • Performance enhancements with granular caching & big pipe

  • Multi-language in core along with configuration management

  • Latest JQuery& JavaScript compatibility leading to better user experience

A true Open Source solution with ZERO licensing cost, Drupal 8 can be the core of your Digital Marketing Platform for years to come.

Why Engage Us?

CIGNEX’ has experience in aiding organizations move from different CMS’s or legacy applications to the latest version of Drupal. We have proven methodology for upgrading Drupal and seamlessly migrating your content, users and database. Not only this, we can also integrate Drupal with other systems leading to enhancement of your Drupal website performance. CIGNEX offer 8 hours of FREE consulting for the Upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9. Get in touch with us for free consultancy session.

Request a Upgrade

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How Do We Upgrade?


Prepare & Document the upgrade plan


Clear cache, sessions & Search tables and backup database and code bases


Upgrade within major version, Upgrade core to next marjor version & Upgrade contrib modules


Check and make necessary edits


Put the website online

How Can We Assist?

As an expert at helping companies migrate to Drupal or upgrade to the latest version, CIGNEX has experience, resources and methodology to make your migration or upgrade project quick and painless. Apart from Drupal upgrade, we also know Drupal consulting, Drupal development, Drupal integration & Drupal support and maintenance.