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The release of Drupal 9 provides great opportunities and advantages for those creating new cloud-based applications. Drupal 9 is a cleaned-up version of Drupal 8. Drupal 9 delivers all the power, capability and ease of use to make it a true enterprise-ready tool, with features rivaling any CMS on the market. Whether upgrading from Drupal 7 or 8 to Drupal 9 or all together migrating from another CMS to Drupal 9, CIGNEX’s Drupal 9 migration and upgrade experts can make that happen both quickly and confidently by leveraging all the performance, features and scalability it comes with.
For Drupal 8 site owners who have been keeping their Drupal install up-to-date are in for the smoothest ride. The only differences between Drupal 8.9.0 and Drupal 9 is the removal of some deprecated APIs and the inclusion of updated third-party dependencies, such as Symfony and Twig.
For Drupal 7 site owners, there is no clear upgrade path. Upgrading from Drupal 7 usually involves rebuilding the site in the new version and migrating all content and configuration to the new site. This may require more resources, but it is a great opportunity to rethink the site structure and implement some major improvements.
As an Acquia Partner, CIGNEX can provide full suite of Drupal 9 upgrade and related services including design, development, strategy, integration and 24x7 support and maintenance. Till date CIGNEX has implemented over 200 Drupal projects and has a team of 70+ developers who are certified on various versions of Drupal. Not only this the team has made 3200+ contributions to the code base of Drupal.

CIGNEX offer 8 hours of FREE consulting for the Upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9. Get in touch with us for free consultancy session

You can have an enterprise, healthcare, education, or nonprofit website, our Drupal development team can help you upgrade your before the November deadline.
Note - Drupal 7 will reach its end of life on January 5, 2025 and Drupal 8 is no longer supported. Don't delay your Drupal migration! Talk to us for a seamless transition.

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Why Upgrade or Migrate to Drupal 9?

Drupal 8 to 9 Upgrade

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How Can We Assist?

CIGNEX has experience in aiding organizations move from different CMS’s or legacy applications to the latest version of Drupal. We have proven methodology for upgrading to Drupal 9 and seamlessly migrating your content, users and database. Not only this, we can also integrate Drupal with other systems leading to enhancement of your Drupal website performance. Our Drupal 9 experts are trained and experienced, having already helped numerous organizations achieve a higher digital plane of existence.

How Do We Upgrade?


Prepare & Document the upgrade plan


Clear cache, sessions & Search tables and backup database and code bases


Upgrade within major version, Upgrade core to next major version & Upgrade contrib modules


Check and make necessary edits


Put the website online

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