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Product Description

The ISTQB® Advanced Tester Certification—Test Manager training course expands on the test techniques and methods  introduced in the ISTQB® Foundation certification course and addresses those areas of the ISTQB® advanced syllabus specifically related to the Advanced Test Management certification.

The course focuses on the key areas that are vital for successful test management: the testing process, test management, standards and test improvement processes, reviews, defect management, test tools & automation, incident management and people skills.

It provides a complete picture of the test activities and processes from requirements review to system implementation; and to discover good sources of information. It Improve understanding of software testing “its purpose and nature” and to raise awareness of issues and constraints around testing.

This course enables comparison of testing skills across different countries, testers to move across country borders more easily and multi- national/international projects to have a common understanding of testing issues.

Course Content (5 Days - 2 Participants)
  1. Testing Process
    1. Test Planning, Monitoring & Control
    2. Test Analysis
    3. Test Design
    4. Test Implementation
    5. Test Execution
    6. Evaluating Exit & Entry Criteri &
    7. Test Closure Activities
  2. Test Management
    1. Test Management in Context
    2. Risk Based Testing
    3. Approaches for Test Prioritization & Effort Allocation
    4. Test Documentation & Work Products
    5. Test Estimation
    6. Using Test Metrics
    7. Business Value of Testing
    8. Distributed, Insourced & Outsourced Testing
    9. Managing the application of Industry Standards
  3. Reviews
    1. Managing Reviews & Audits
    2. Metrics for Reviews
    3. Managing Formal Reviews
  4. Defect Management
    1. Defect Lifecycle & SDLC
    2. Defect Report Information
    3. Accessing Process Capability with Defect Report Information
  5. Improving the Testing Process
    1. Test Improvement Process
    2. Improving the Testing Process with TMMi
    3. Improving the Testing Process with TPI Next
    4. Improving the Testing Process with CTP
    5. Improving the Testing Process with STEP
  6. Test Tools and Automation
    1. Automation Tool Selection
    2. Tool Lifecycle
    3. Tool Metrics
  7. People Skills – Team Composition
    1. Individual Skills
    2. Test Team Dynamics
    3. Fitting Testing with an Organization
    4. Motivation & Communication

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