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Product Description

Tableau is a data visualisation tool which helps people transform data into actionable insights.This course helps you to know the nuances of Tableau, usage and creation of various graphs, how to put all these into an interactive dashboard and share it with the world.

Course Content (2 days - 2 Participants)
  • Importance of data visualization Visualization tools and Tableau’s role Data cycle
  • Tableau products
  • Data Source page – Connect to a flat file
  • Data pane, analytics pane, rows, columns, show me Data types
  • Marks card
  • Dimension and Measure
  • Discreet and Continuous Tableau generated fields
    • Line graph
    • Various ways to represent date
    • Bar Graph
    • Bubble graph
    • Tree map
    • Word cloud
    • Stacked bar graph
    • Bar in a bar graph
    • Combination chart
    • Side by side graph
      • Sort
      • Filter: dimension, measure and date
      • Hierarchy
      • Groups
      • Alias
        • Reference line, band & Distribution
        • Box plot
        • Cluster analysis
        • Trend lines & Forecast

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