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Product Description

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Models (BPM) generally focuses on the core concepts making the Application completely specific to Business Process Models. SOA and BPM Online Training includes the information for the introduction about SOA and also BPM and which performs the installation of SOA and BPM for the Applications. The complete Lifecycle for SOA and its realization impact on the Application is properly included in the SOA and BPM online training. SOA with BPM Configuration is being used by many of the leading organizations across the world thus making the application more specific to flexible. SOA and BPM Online Training includes the information about the security constraints relating to the SOA making the Application more secure. The reference architecture for SOA and BPM is merely included in the training specifically for the developers.


  • This is useful to Technical Architect, Project Manager and System Integrator and Senior Managers interested in SOA Strategy.
  • This training is focusing on Web Services, SOA, BPM, BPEL and composite application architecture design and best practices and also SOA strategy.
Course Content (2 days - 2 Participants)
  1. Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  2. Value of service-oriented architecture
  3. Organizational impact of service-oriented architecture
  4. Service-Oriented Architecture Planning and Realization
  5. SOA Life Cycle
  6. SOA Governance
  7. SOA Strategy
  8. SOA reference architecture
  9. SOA Security Overview
  10. Technology, standards, and Products
  11. Legacy transformation and infrastructure solutions
  1. Introduction to BPMN
  2. BPMN Modeling
  3. BPMN Best Practices
  4. Introduction to BPEL
  5. Introduction to Data Management
  6. Service Orchestration
  7. Variable Management
  8. Fault and Exception Handling
  9. Modeling work flow concepts
  10. Process deployment
  11. Introduction to BAM and BRMS
  12. Focus on jBPM/Activiti/BPEL/BPMN/BMRS/Workflow
  13. Introduction to Mule ESB”Course Contents

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