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Product Description

Qlikview Training Primarily deals with the Data Analytics and Processing. Many of the leading organizations across the globe are using Qlikview for their Business and Personal Data arising in the real time market. Qlikview Training includes the basic information about the Qlikview and also its architectural point of view. The features of Qlikview are explained in the training with full detailed scenario helping the developers to grab the opportunity to delve into Data Analytics. Many of the scripting terminologies are involved in the training which makes the developers an ease to make some scripts for the Data and its operations. Qlikview Training includes the information about the Extraction of Data from the various sources like Database, files and many more. On the completion of the Qlikview Training, the aspirants can gain expertise in working with Qlikview in the complete Application.


  • Expertise in leading Data Analytics Platform
  • Working with Scripting Languages for Data Operations
  • Performing an ease in Data Extractions in Applications
  • Used for many Data Analytics Developers across the globe
Course Content (3 days - 2 Participants)
  1. Basic Introduction to Qlikview
    • Understanding the concept of Business Intelligence
    • Features of Qlikview
    • Comparison with other BI tools
    • Understanding the basic architecture of Qlikview
    • Basic overview of file types and extensions
  2. Basic overview of Data and Scripting
    • Architecture for Data Warehouse
    • Understanding the concept of dimensional model
    • Overview of Star and Snow Flake schema
    • Dealing with various data source files
  3. Concept of Loading Data from Database
    • Script Generation concept in details
    • Text Files loading scenarios
    • Understanding delimiting text files
    • Data Loading from multiple data sources
    • Working with various data loads types
  4. Understanding the concept of Script Structuring
  5. Data Extraction from Various Sources in Qlikview
  6. Working with Basic Data Model and Table Viewer
    • Introduction to Table Viewer
    • Working with System Tables
    • Working with System Fields
  7. Overview of Data Relationship
    • Join
    • Concatenation
    • Other different options
  8. Working with various Data Modelling Considerations
    • Circular Reference
    • Synthetic key Tables
    • Resolving synthetic keys
  9. Introduction to Qlikview Data (QVD) Files
    • Creation of QVD Files
    • Basic Standard Structure for QVD Files
    • Dealing with various components of QVD Files
    • Understanding Optimized and Unoptimized loads
  10. Master Calendar creation concept in detail
  11. Dealing with Qlikview Security
  12. Aggregation Methods in Qlikview
  13. Understanding Hierarchy Setup for Qlikview
  14. Concept of Handling Null Values
  15. Working with Sheet and Sheet Objects
    • Using the List Box
    • Using the Table Box
    • Working with Multibox
    • Dealing with Button and Text Objects
  16. The dashboard designing such as Working with Charts
    • Using Multidimensional charts
    • Using Pivot Tables
    • Using Gauges
  17. Additional Editing in Layout
  18. Performing some interactive configuration (Dates, Images, Products)
  19. Uses of Expressions
  20. Working with Settings Menu
  21. Introduction to Functions in Qlikview
  22. Using Adhoc Reports and Bookmarks
  23. Using Layout Themes
  24. Dealing with Extensions
  25. Working with Set Analysis
  26. Working with WHAT
  27. IF Analysis
  28. Server Installation and Deployment
  29. Output schedule and method e.g
  30. shared folder / email

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