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Product Description

Performance Testing is one of the important Non-Functional testing carried on for various software applications. Performance Testing determines whether or not the application Speed, Stability, Scalability requirements are met under expected workloads.

Different types of Performance Testing covered include Load testing; Stress testing, Endurance or Stability testing.

Performance testing of an application helps in optimizing and fine-tuning the application for seamless performance. Identified performance bottlenecks related to application code, its architecture, and various servers like DB, Web & Application, Network and other resources helps in improving the performance of the application.

Performance testing life cycle involves various activities like, Test Planning, Defining SLA’s, Test designing, Test Execution, Resource Monitoring, Test Analysis & Fine-tuning. Other activities like Web page diagnostics, Database Profiling, Server Monitoring, Network virtualization and etc., are also included in the Performance Testing life cycle.

Course Content (3 days - 2 Participants)
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Process
  • Performance Testing Life cycle
  • Performance Test Planning
  • Performance Test Scenarios
  • Introduction to Time Parameters: Throughput, think time, Response time,
  • Introduction to the Architecture of Load Runner.
  • Introduction to Different Protocols.
  • Working with Web HTTP, Ajax & Rich True Client Protocols.
  • Creating Web Virtual Users (VUGEN)
    1. Methodology
    2. Recording and actions
    3. Advanced recording and actions
    4. Load runner transactions
    5. Verification check points
    6. Data Parameterizations
    7. Rendezvous point & Rendezvous policy.
  • Load, Spike, Soak & Endurance Testing.
  • Web Scenarios and Analysis (Controller)
    1. Manual Scenario’s
    2. Goal Oriented Scenario’s
    3. Advanced Load Runner Analysis
  • Data Correlation
  • Manual, Automatic Correlation after recording
  • Online Server Monitoring.
  • Client and Server Metrics.
  • Report generation.
  • Integration of HP LoadRunner with HP Quality Centre.
  • Advanced Verification, Advanced error Handling.

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