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Product Description

Liferay 7/DXP is one of the most leading and most oftenly used Java based framework as Liferay 7/DXP is simple to use helping the developers to create Java Applications. Liferay 7/DXP Development tends to include the information diving into Liferay 7/DXP Application involving the User Management, System Management with Liferay Dashboard. Liferay 7/DXP is the latest version for Liferay helping the Java Developers to build and deploy the Application with more security and flexibility. Liferay 7/DXP Development Online Training primarily aims to deliver the basic regarding Portlet Development with the help by grasping knowledge of APIs. Liferay Portlets is the concept introduced in Liferay 7/DXP Training particularly for the Liferay MVC and Spring MVC based framework. In addition to it, Liferay 7/DXP Training helps the developers to work with Front-End Customization using some layout for the templates used in the Liferay 7/DXP Application


  • Basic understanding of the Portlet Development for the Professionals
  •  Complete Hand-On Experience with the Liferay Portlet Development
  •  Training includes the description of the Extension and hook Plugin Development for Liferay 7/DXP.

Advantages of Liferay 7/DXP Development Training

  • Complete understanding of the creation of the Portlet Development Techniques.
  • The candidates will get the basic knowledge about the situation for using the Plugin-SDK for the Liferay 7 Development.
  • Understanding of the various platforms for the Portlet Development
Course Content (5 Days - 2 Participants)
  1. Introduction of Liferay
  2. Study Users Into Liferay
    • Creating new users and understand How
  3. Liferay Connects Users
    • Learn Integration with an Identity Management
  4. System
  5. In Outside Users
  6. Import Users Through LDAP
    • Learn Organizational Structure
  7. How Organizations Help Business Units
  8. Create Organizations without
  9. Recreating the Org
  10. Chart
  11. Assign Users to Organizations
  12. Study Grouping of Users
    • Introduction of User Groups
    • Mapping LDAP Users to Groups
    • Managing Memberships with Groups
  13. How to Control User Access
    • How Users Access Content and Apps
    • What are Roles
    • What are Role Scopes to Manage Access
    • Granting Administrative Access to Department Heads
  14. How to Deliver Content On the Web
  1. Liferay 7 Modular Architecture
  2. Difference Liferay 6 and Liferay 7
  3. Understanding of OSGI
  4. Working with OSGI Modularity
  5. Database Integration
  6. Tooling
    • Liferay IDE
    • Blade CLI
    • Liferay Workspace
  1. Portlets
    • Liferay MVC
    • Spring MVC
  2. Business Logic Data access
    • Service Builder Persistence
  3. Web Services Integration
    • JAX-WS
    • JAX-RS
    • WSRP
  4. Model Listener
    • Create Model Listener class
    • Register Model Listener
    • o Listing of Persistence events
  1. Front End Customizations
    • Overriding Module JSP
    • Overriding MVC Commands
    • Overriding JSP
  2. Themes & Layout Templates
    • Theme Generator
    • Themelet
    • Create Theme Layout with Theme Generator
    • Importing resources with theme
  3. Testing Liferay
  1. Migration Roadmap
  2. Upgrading the database for Liferay 7
  3. Search Engine Interation & optimizations
  4. Installation of SOLR(v4)
  5. Install & Configure SOLR Plugin Liferay
  6. Modify SOLR Settings
  7. Index & Search Liferay data SOLR
  8. Maintaining Your Portal
    • Monitoring Tools
    • Analyzing Logs
  9. Liferay Integration with Third Party Application

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