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Product Description

Liferay 7/DXP Portal Administration Training generally focuses on the various tasks relating to the tasks being assigned by Users used in Liferay 7/DXP Application. Liferay 7/DXP Portal Administration involves the information about the installation of Liferay Server on Java EE based server. Fault Tolerance is the concept making the Liferay 7/DXP Application completely independent of any of the fault occuring due to Liferay 7/DXP System Administration. Liferay 7/DXP Portal Administration includes the Servers Clustering scenario where large number of the systems are easily configured making Liferay 7/DXP application more secure. Liferay 7/DXP Portal  Administration Training primarily focuses on the Complete installation of the Tomcat Bundle for the Enterprise Edition. In addition to it, Liferay 7/DXP Portal Administration includes the Portal Clustering where large number of Portals can be created with the help of Liferay 7/DXP Developer.


  • The Complete Assisting of the IT Engineers with the help of this training is being created for the System Administrator.
  • This training will guide the candidate through the complete Installation of the Liferay 7/DXP Installation with LDAP Configuration
  • The Candidates can experience the Integration of the Hooking into Enterprise Database along with the installation and Management of the Plugins.


  • The complete and the overall Understanding of the Load Balancing with the clustering of the Tomcat Server.
  • Complete and Proper understanding of the SSO LDAP Integration with Liferay 7/DXP.
  • Apart from learning the Plugin management, the candidate will get the grasping knowledge on enhanced features for monitoring portal settings.
Course Content (2 days - 2 Participants)
  1. Installing Liferay on a Java EE Server
  2. Clustering a Liferay–based Solution
  3. Basics of Fault Tolerance
    • Reference Architecture
  4. Clustering the Servers
    • Configuring the Load Balancer
    • Clustering the J2EE Servers
  5. Clustering the Portal
    • Cluster Communication
  6. Configuring Documents and Search
  7. Introduction to Clustering Elastic search
  8. Maintaining Your Portal
    • Monitoring Tools
    • Analyzing Logs
  9. Performance Tuning
    • Defining Your Performance Plan
  10. Java Memory Management
  11. Optimizing Your Liferay Instance
  12. Tuning Elasticsearch
  13. Configuring the Web Server for Performance


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