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Product Description

Laravel 5 is one of the leading and the latest framework used for building and deploying PHP Based Applications on large platforms. Laravel 5 is being used by many of the large organizations across the globe making the PHP Application more secure and reliable. Laravel 5 Online Training generally includes the basic information about the basic architecture for Laravel based Application along with the installation concept covering the content to more flexible way. Laravel 5 Online Training involves the practical implementation of the modules which in turn makes the developers an ease for using composer with modules in the complete Application. In addition to it, Laravel 5 Online Training includes the advanced concepts of the Modules and Composer making the Application complete secure and Flexible for the developers. Laravel 5 Online Training will usually helps the Developers to gain complete expertise in working with PHP Application in an easy way.


  • Gain Expertise in building and deploying Laravel 5 Application
  • Work with different modules used with Laravel 5 based Application
  • Laravel 5 helps the developers to work with an easy platform

Advantages of Laravel 5 Training

  • Provides an ease for Application Development using Laravel 5
  • Understanding the Benefits of using Laravel 5
  • Making the Laravel 5 Application more secure
Course Content (5 Days - 2 Participants)
  1. Basic Introduction to Laravel 5
    • Understanding the Architecture for Laravel 5 Framework
    • Dealing with Service Provides and Service Containers in Laravel 5
    • Introducing the concept of Facades in Laravel 5 Framework
    • Understanding the complete Structure of Application in detail
  2. Understanding the basic Setup and Installation for Laravel 5 Framework
  3. Introduction to Routing concept in Laravel 5
    • Understanding the basic routing
    • Using various Routing Parameters in Laravel
  4. Dealing with Responses in Laravel 5
    • Using Views and Redirects Concept in Laravel 5
  5. Understanding the Concept of Middleware in Laravel 5
    • Using the Middleware Definition scenario
    • Middleware Registration Concept in detail
  6. Introducing the concept of Controllers in Laravel 5
    • Working with basic Controllers in Laravel 5
    • Using the Controllers Middleware
    • Introduction to Implicit Controllers in detail
    • Working with RESTful Resource Controllers in Laravel 5
  1. Introduction to Blade Templates in Laravel 5
    • Template Creation with Laravel 5
    • Dealing with Outputs for Blade Templates
    • Understanding the control structure with Laravel 5
    • Working with Templates and Template Inheritance in Laravel 5
  2. Understanding the concept of Advanced Routing in Laravel 5
    • Working with Named Routes in Laravel 5
    • Dealing with Secure Routes in Laravel 5
    • Understanding the Parameter Constraints in Laravel 5
    • Concept of Domain Routing in Laravel 5
  3. Dealing with Concept of URL Generation in Laravel 5
    • Working with Current URL
    • Concept of Framework URLs in Detail
    • Understanding Asset URLs
  4. Concept of Data Requests in Laravel 5
    • Using the concept of Retrieval
    • Working with Old Inputs
    • Concept of Uploading Files in Laravel 5
    • Dealing with Cookies in Application
  1. Introduction to Forms in Laravel 5
    • Working with Forms in Detail
    • Dealing with Fields used in Forms
    • Understanding the concept of Buttons in Laravel 5
    • Security Constraints for Laravel 5
  2. Understanding the concept of Validation in Laravel 5
    • Working with Controller Validation in Laravel Application
    • Using the Form Request concept in Detail
    • Error Messages and its concept of Dealing with it
    • List of Availables Rules for Validation
    • Dealing with Custom Error Messages in Laravel 5
    • Understanding the concept of Custom Validation Rules
  1. Dealing with Database and its Usage in Laravel 5
    • Performing basic configuration in Laravel 5
    • Using the Read/Write Connections in Laravel Database
    • Concept of Running Queries
    • Working with Database Transactions in Laravel 5
    • Concept of Accessing Connections in Laravel 5
  2. Dealing with Query Builders in Laravel 5
    • Understanding Select and Join in Laravel 5
    • Using DML Queries in Laravel 5
  3. Understanding the Concept of Schema Builder in Laravel 5
    • Table Creation concept in Detail
    • Dealing with various Column Types
    • Using Column Modifier
    • Table Updation Terminology
    • Table Dropping Terminology
    • Various Schema Tricks used in Schema Builders
  4. Concept of Migrations in Laravel 5 Framework
    • Migration Creation Scenario in detail
    • Rolling Back Concept
    • Various Migration Tricks used in Laravel 5
  1. Working with Eloquent ORM in Laravel 5 Framework
    • Making some basic preparation for Eloquent ORM
    • New Model Creation Concept in Laravel 5
    • Performing CRUD Operations in ORM
  2. Dealing with Eloquent Queries in Laravel 5
    • Concept of Eloquent to String
    • Using Query Structure
    • Working with Magic Queries
  3. Understanding the concept of Eloquent Relationship
  4. Performing Authentication with Laravel 5 Framework
  5. Performing Authorization with Laravel 5 Framework

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