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Product Description

This course provides a comprehensive understanding and knowledge required to work with HP Quality Center(QC) and its Test Management process throughout the software development cycle. Covers topics such as construct and organize requirements, create and execute test sets, monitor defects, and use graphs and reports to track the success of a project in a detail way. The course includes information on how to 1) Define test requirements 2) test planning 3) test execution 4) defect management. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated.

Course Content (3 days - 2 Participants)
  • Objectives of HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • Differences between HP ALM & HP QC (Quality Centre)
  • Features of ALM Quality Centre
  • ALM Core Portfolio
  • ALM Road Map
  • ALM User Site
  • ALM QC Modules
  • ALM Toolbars
  • Using Shortcut Menus
  • Tool & Help Menu
  • Tool Installation guidelines
  • Importance of Releases
  • Release Management
  • Understanding Releases
  • Managing Release Tree : Creating Release folder, Creating Release
  • Understanding Test Cycles
  • Test Cycles & Line of Business(LOB): Adding Cycles, Cycle Details
  • Adding Attachments.
  • Requirement Management : Requirement Types, Requirement Tree, Requirement Details, Requirement Grid, Assigning Requirements to Releases, Assigning Requirements to Cycles
  • Uploading Requirements using Microsoft Excel
  • Coverage Analysis (Requirements Traceability)
  • Importance of Test Planning
  • Test Planning Process
  • Test Planning Tree
  • Converting Requirements to Test Plan :Types of Tests, Calling A Test, Designing Steps, Test Parameters, Test Configuration
  • Using Microsoft Excel for uploading Tests
  • Creating Test Resources
  • Template Tests
  • Overview of Test Script & Automation
  • Test Execution Overview
  • Running Tests in ALM
  • Using Test Lab Module :Test Sets, Test Runs, Execution Grid
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Manual Runner
  • Viewing Test Run Results
  • Viewing Progress of Release & Cycle
  • Introduction to Defect Life cycle.
  • Different statuses of Defects.
  • Effective Defect Tracking through ALM
  • Logging & linking Defects
  • Mapping defects with requirements.
  • Managing Defects.
  • Introduction to Test Reporting & Analysis
  • Reporting Modules in ALM
  • Analysis of Reports & Graphs
  • Graphical Analysis and Customizations in ALM
  • Generating Reports from ALM : Graph Wizard, Graph Views

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