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Product Description

AWS Architect Online Training focuses on the prime factors leading to the concept regarding the complete architecture for the AWS Application. AWS Architect specifies the complete infrastructure that can be developed easily with the help of AWS developers to create AWS Application. AWS Architect Online Training generally deals with the Tier-Architecture that can be easily deployed onto any of the platform. The complete storage gateway for the AWS Application specific to the developers working on the high-availability for creating AWS Application. AWS Architect Online Training includes the information about the Batch Processing that can be easily integrated into AWS Application. The concept of Migration and Monitoring for the AWS Application can be better understood with the help of the AWS Architect Online Training. Security with AWS Applications can be easily grasped using AWS Architect Online Training.


  • To Offer Technical knowledge of the skills and expertise for AWS services and solutions
  • Offers on demand resources as to help and getting started with technical training and expertise
  • To make professionals aware of the Elasticity, Resiliency, On-Demand and Measured Usage


  • General prospects and benefits of the AWS Cloud with three training session
  • Understand the clear concepts of AWS architecture
  • Introduction towards the products and services in AWS
  • Learn about building scalable solutions with the AWS platform
  • Create and automate software products easily
Course Content (3 days - 2 Participants)
  1. Tier Architecture
  2. AWS Services for Web App Architecture
  3. Architecture of your application in the Cloud
  4. Storage Services for the App
  1. Batch Processing with AWS
  2. Elasticity and Scalability for your App in AWS
  3. Designing for best price tag
  4. Batch Processing Architecture for AWS Services
  1. Migration and Monitoring
  2. Identity, Authentication and Authorization of VPC with AWS
  3. Security with AWS
  4. Availability and Disaster Recovery in AWS

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