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Product Description

Hybrid Content Management using Alfresco is the leading and foremost method for performing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) used completely in the Application. Alfresco One can be easily implemented on various platforms including Mobile and Cloud Computing. Alfresco One 5.x Online Training primarily concentrates on the installation and performing some basic configuration for the Application. The training helps the aspirants or developers to work with Document Management, Collaboration and also process automation and that can be easily synchronized to the cloud platform on any other platform. Alfresco One can be easily used for building many of ECM related Application on a large scale. On the completion of Alfresco One 5.x Training, the aspirants or developers gains expertise in creating Applications and also managing content documentation easily using Alfresco Technology.


  • Custom content model creation and management.
  • Developed a new AngularJS 2.0 application.
  • Alfresco provides most common extensions.
  • Smart Search, Alfresco Mobile SDK, new Angular framework – Covers all trending features


  • Easy to cover your content to use case.
  • Using Activiti Designer you can create Business Process.

Target Audience

  • Java professionals
  • Spring and Hibernate Developers


  • Developer – Having knowledge of Alfresco, Java, spring and Hibernate.
Course Content (3 days - 2 Participants)
  1. Getting start with Alfresco Platform
  2. Management Concept
    • Document Management
    • Web content Management
    • Custom content Application Management
  3. Architecture Concept
    • High Level Architecture
    • Open Source Architecture
  4. Customization Concept
    • Basic Customization
    • Advance Customization
  5. Overview on Alfresco SDK
  6. Content Model
    • Custom Model & Custom Type
    • Adding Properties to type
    • Adding aspect to content Model
    • Finishing up Model
  7. Property Indexing
  8. Automatically Content Handling
    • With Actions
    • With Behaviors
    • With Transformers
    • With Extractors
  9. Customization of Share Methodology
  10. Exposing Content REST API
  11. Work Flow Understanding
  12. Security


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