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Product Description

Alfresco Activiti Enterprise is the version having the capability to deal with Administrator App making an ease for the developers to work with Alfresco and Activiti based application. Alfresco Activiti usually includes the information about the installation of Alfresco Activiti Enterprise Edition and also performing some advanced configuration for Alfresco Activiti based applications. The concept of Step Editor is included in the training primarily focusing on the core terminologies making the Alfresco and  Activiti Application to be used for the Alfresco Developers. Many of the processes and sub processes are generated and worked easily specifically for the Alfresco Developers using Alfresco Activiti Enterprise Edition. Alfresco Activiti Enterprise Edition Online training is best choice for people looking for open standards with fabulous Business Process Model with Alfresco.


    Complete Understanding of BPMN and learn how to use them to build process models
    Sound knowledge of Activiti Process Events & Activities
    Learn practically all about Activiti Administration, Configuration & Integration
    Clear understanding of introduction towards Alfresco BPMN Integration, Activiti Process Engine Configuration and BPMN Workflows

Advantages Of Alfresco Activiti

    Learn use of Activiti BPM Suite to create process models
    Sound Knowledge of the most admired open source Java based Enterprise Content Management tools
    Implementation of day to day workflow integration requirement of Alfresco Explorer with Activiti tools
    Learn installation, architecture, basic configuration of Alfresco and its Activiti
    Training enriched with External System Integration and performance tuning
    35% theory with 65% hands-on practice

Course Content (4 days - Participants)
  1. Preface to BPMN & BPMN 2.0
  2. BPMN Modeling Best Practices
  3. Overview of Alfresco Activiti
  4. Installing Alfresco Activiti
  5. Activiti Process Design
  6. Getting Started with Alfresco Activiti App
  7. Task App
  8. Profile & Identity Management
  9. Analytics
  1. Working with Step Editor
  2. Events
    • Start
    • End
  3. Activities
    • User
    • Service
    • Script
    • Receive
    • Manual
    • Mail
    • Rest Call
    • Publish to Alfresco / Google Drive
  1. Sub Processes
  2. Event Sub-process
  3. Collapsed sub-process
  4. Call Activiti
  5. Gateways
    • Exclusive
    • Inclusive
    • Parallel
    • Event based
  6. Boundary Events
  7. Error Handling
  8. Working with Form
  9. Business Rules
  1. Database Configuration
  2. Cluster Configuration
  3. Activiti REST App & HTTP Configuration
  4. Elasticsearch Configuration
  5. LDAP Integration
  6. Performance Tuning & Configurations
  7. External System Integration
  8. Activiti Share Connector
  9. Alfresco Cloud
  10. Google Drive
  11. Box
  12. Mule ESB
  13. Camel

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