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Why upgrade to MongoDB 4.0? There are several reasons to keep upgrading MongoDB. Newest version offers multiple new features, fixes previous version bugs/ issues, and improves security.

MongoDB 4.0 has been available for download since June 27, 2018. The new release offers new features designed to help you work with data, helping you place it anywhere you need it.

Feature highlights include:


If you’re using an older version of MongoDB, you must successively upgrade to MongoDB 3.6 before moving to 4.0.
If your deployment has user credentials stored in MONGODB-CR schema, upgrade to Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) before moving to MongoDB 4.0.
Starting in version 4.0, MongoDB removes support for the $isolated operator. Before upgrading you need to recreate the index or views without $isolated operator.
The 3.6 instance must have feature Compatibility Version set to 3.6.

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CIGNEX is the Advanced Partner of MongoDB since 2011 with 20+ consultants certified by MongoDB and has expertise & experience in supporting various MongoDB solutions for clients across verticals. Our Open Source Consultants integrate MongoDB with Liferay, Drupal, Alfresco & other Open Source/proprietary technologies and work towards providing support to manage MongoDB integrated deployments.



Make An Upgrade Plan and allocate time, resources, and budget.


Make a Roll-Out Plan, backup everything and run trial phases and testing.


Refer to Roll-Out Plan and Go-Live

Support & Review

Provide support resources after the upgrade and review and identify improvements.

Why Engage Us?

CIGNEX leverages powerful platforms to provide solutions with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes. We have built light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platforms designed to support business users, system administrators and developers.

MongoDB Advanced Partner


70+ MongoDB certified resources

End to end upgrade support to ensure seamless transition to MongoDB 4.0

Implemented complex MongoDB projects for clients across industries