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UiPath RPA Implementation Services

In the era of automation, the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) are well recognized - Reduced operating expenses, business process improvement, resource redeployment to higher-value roles, improved customer service, productivity and quality.

CIGNEX has formed strong technology partnerships to provide RPA services using industry-leading RPA platforms such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Blue Prism. We can assist you throughout your RPA journey, from assessment to roadmap definition, implementation, monitoring, and support, by collaborating with our partners.

Our UiPath RPA implementation Services involves management of virtual workforce orchestration, and we excel in delivering bots (attended & unattended) as per the requirements of the enterprise and business of our clients. CIGNEX UiPath Implementation services includes -

UiPath Implementation for Business Success

Our certified team of UiPath experts will ensure that you achieve your goals. We can deliver UiPath projects in a variety of ways, depending on whether you require a single expert or a team of experts. We can also provide a customized solution that suits your specific requirements.

Business leaders have already started to investigate the implementation of an RPA solution because they see that RPA can provide considerable business benefits. With a simple and quick deployment plan, the benefits of RPA can often be realized soon. However, each stage of the RPA implementation roadmap must be carefully managed in order to deliver long-term effects and value for businesses.

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CIGNEX UiPath implementation roadmap is based on a model created by our partner UiPath, gives you a comprehensive overview of the process. It divides each of the implementation processes into steps, making it easier for us to apply them in a systematic manner.

Discovery Stage

The discovery stage is the first step in the RPA implementation roadmap.

This approach involves merging AI, science, and human skills to identify the best processes for automation, as well as defining overall process governance. The UiPath Discovery Suite can help companies ensure that the discovery stage runs smoothly.

Build Stage

After the selection of the right process for RPA implementation, the second stage involves building the automation process.

The core of every automation solution is having robust building skills. UiPath comes with a set of sophisticated and easy-to-use tools for creating automation solutions. The UiPath Studio can be used as reference by developers with a programming background who are looking to create complex automation projects.

Manage Stage

RPA should have solid management capabilities to provide the optimal automation solution for each organization.

User management, licence management, robot provisioning to individual machines, automation process and task distribution to robots, as well as monitoring and logging are all examples. The UiPath Orchestrator, which includes all of the features stated above, can be used to easily administer the RPA.

Run Stage

After you've built your automation solution with UiPath StudioX or UiPath Studio, you can use UiPath Robots to run it in a variety of ways.

Robots can considerably boost overall productivity and efficiency, especially when repetitive and time-consuming tasks are involved. In general there are two types of bots – Attended and Unattended bots.

Engage Stage

The UiPath Action Center helps in the seamless collaboration of robots and humans in the workplace.

It simplifies tasks for Robot-Human hand-off, allowing robots to create tasks and go on to the next while waiting for the human user to complete them.

Measure Stage

The majority of businesses track their return on investment and process indicators. RPA implementations should be evaluated like normal business processes as well as using specific KPIs.

UiPath Insights is a robust, embedded analytics solution that allows you to track, report, and connect RPA activities with strategic business goals. It can assess the automation success rate and examine processing speed, volume, and health indicators in great detail.


CIGNEX has the domain knowledge and expertise to build and implement a complete UiPath implementation roadmap. Contact us to learn more about our use cases and to begin your journey towards successful Robotic Process Automation implementation.

RPA Platform Expertise

We can provide support across the RPA platforms & ensure that your receive the maximum benefit of your RPA investment,

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Specialist support for multiple RPA tools including UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

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150+ RPA Certifications accomplished by 60+ RPA Professionals



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