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Organizations have to increasingly deal with the complex needs of the geographically dispersed, culturally diverse workforce of today. Driving employee engagement has become the biggest challenge for enterprises in any part of the world. According to the 2015 Hay Group New Rules of Engagement Report, more than 80% of HR professionals surveyed, state that they need to find new ways of engaging with their workforce. There is an urgent need for enterprises to adopt employee engagement platforms to improve employee engagement and retention.

What is Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP)™ ?

CIGNEX’ DEEP™ (Digital Employee Engagement Platform) is a SaaS based plug and play employee centric collaboration platform. It connects and engages today's geographically dispersed and demographically diverse intergenerational workforce, enabling higher levels of performance at the individual, team and organizational levels. DEEP™ is an intuitive, device agnostic and extensible platform for your employees to be engaged. DEEP™ brings collaboration, ideation, communication, sharing and communities together in a digital environment. DEEP™ allows organizations to track, monitor, report and initiate actions on driving employee engagement and organizational excellence.


The essence of the platform is that people are at the crux of every organization. People need to be integrated into the organization and be provided avenues to engage within the organization as they would in the outside world. DEEP’s highly intuitive user experience is an intelligent mash up of features seen in WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+ etc adapted for enterprise needs. DEEP™ reduces the usage of email, external document management, chat solutions etc. by effectively bringing them under one cohesive platform. We have pre-built connectors to JIRA for Task Management, IDEAthon(™) - Ideation Management, Outlook and auto publish features to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and several other social forums. DEEPTM is built on a matured Open Source Framework that translates to stability, security and scalability of the solution.



Quick customized path to go-livePractically zero user trainingDesigned for engagement, resulting in high performance teamsEmployee focus – empowering the employee, enabling multi-directional communication
Accessibility - All devices, Everywhere, All the timeCloud based & Predictable pricing24x7 supportAuto upgrades and patches
Guaranteed uptimeAmazon Web Services commitments of backup, restore, DR, securityAbility to customize