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Place: London, UK and Santa Clara, USA

CIGNEX, the leading provider of Enterprise Open Source Solutions today announced a new service offering - Performance Assessment and Tuning of Liferay based Portals, as an integral part of its’ Liferay consulting services. This offering is a part of CIGNEX' effort to consolidate its position as the global leader for Open Source solutions which includes Alfresco consulting services as a part of its Portal – Content – Big Data focus

“We have come across numerous situations where clients have indicated their dissatisfaction with their Liferay Portal deployment. Invariably, we realize that the issue is not with the platform, but the lack of following best practices and a structured approach to the implementation. Based on our experience of rolling out over 200 Liferay Portal solutions across verticals globally, we have a repository of best practices and knowledge base that helps us deliver high-performance portals to our clients,” said Munwar Shariff – CTO & co-Founder, CIGNEX.

The CIGNEX Liferay Portal Performance Assessment & Tuning service comprises over a 100-point performance checklist including coding practices, hardware sizing, caching, web server configuration, network protocol, integration, and many more.

“For existing Liferay Portal adopters, CIGNEX assesses their existing hardware and software environment and provides a detailed report recommending modifications to achieve the desired performance”, added Munwar.

Additional information of Liferay Portal Performance Assessment & Tuning is available at

The Liferay team at CIGNEX has authored 7 books on Liferay Portals, including the latest book on Performance Tuning titled “Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices”. Please click here to download a free sample chapter of the book.

About CIGNEX: CIGNEX (subsidiary of Datamatics Global Services Ltd.) is the global leader in Open Source enterprise solutions - Portals, Content and Big Data Analytics. Since 2000, CIGNEX has focused on Making Open Source WorkTM for the enterprise using industry-standard open platforms and integrating with existing systems to improve client’s profitability. CIGNEX is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA, and has offices in Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, India, Singapore and Australia.

For more information, please contact:


Munwar Shariff - CTO & Co Founder



Phone: 1-408-327-9900 ext. 505