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Liferay, Inc. – Open Source enterprise portals and CIGNEX – Open Source System Integrator are presenting a webinar on integrating Portal solution with Big Data on Aug 22 at 9:00am BST. This free webinar would be the first Liferay integration to the NoSQL space and would provide participants insights on managing millions of digital assets.

Enterprises are adopting NoSQL solutions to accumulate and organize the huge scale of data they are producing in day-to-day transactional activities. MongoDB is an Open Source document oriented database solution providing flexibility and scalability in data management. Integration of Liferay with MongoDB would provide countless benefits to the solution like authentication, secure role-based access control, version control, workflow and mobile client interface access.

"User-generated, socially-powered, unstructured content continues to drive the growth of modern computing. Liferay is looking for fresh ways to support extremely large data sets, but within simpler architectures," said Michael Young, Liferay's Chief Technology Officer. "The combination of MongoDB with Liferay Portal is a natural fit, providing a compelling user experience with powerful and scalable data management under the hood."

“Big Data and NoSQL is a dynamic space and provide interesting choice for organizations to manage their document requirements. MongoDB’s replication features and atomicity can be leveraged in portals with rich user interface and functionality like Liferay. Being focused on developing Integrated Solutions around Open Source we felt the combination of the two technologies can provide best fit and powerful solution to enterprises” said Paul Anthony, CEO – CIGNEX

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About Liferay: Liferay, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise open source portal and collaboration software products, servicing Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including Allianz, Barclay’s, BASF, Cisco Systems, Lufthansa Flight Training, Société Générale, The French Ministry of Defense, and the United Nations. Liferay offers Enterprise Edition subscriptions which provide access to emergency fixes, software updates, 24/7 support SLAs, and subscription-only features. Liferay, Liferay Portal, and the Liferay logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Liferay, Inc., in the United States and other countries.

About CIGNEX ( CIGNEX Inc. (a subsidiary of Datamatics Global Services Ltd.) is the global leader in Commercial Open Source Enterprise solutions and services. Since 2000, CIGNEX has implemented over 400 Open Source enterprise solutions addressing business requirements related to Portals, Content and Big Data solutions.

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Paul Anthony