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CIGNEX, the world's leading provider of Enterprise Open Source solutions has now delivered more than 400 successful solutions worldwide. CIGNEX credits this achievement to its proven and tested methodology for Liferay consulting,Alfresco consulting and other Open Source consulting assignments.

Munwar Shariff, CTO at CIGNEX says, "Our systematic approach to enabling Open Source adoption across Portals, Content Management and Big Data has been the key to successfully delivering across a diverse set of client businesses and needs. We faced tremendous challenges during our initial stages to convince Enterprises on adopting Open Source. This was due to the perception associated with Open Source – free, lack of formal development process and support, lack of scalability, robustness and security for enterprise adoption.”

CIGNEX’ highly effective methodology follows a three-step process, namely Educate, Advise and Manage.

Educate - to communicate the difference between free and commercial Open Source and demonstrate the power and benefits of Open Source over traditional (proprietary) solutions, CIGNEX conducts awareness programs through workshops, Public and Private training, blue-sky day sessions for enterprises and by speaking at technology seminars.

Advise - focus on understanding the client’s strategic objective, business challenges, requirements, existing IT assets and suggesting the best solution to meet the dual objectives of meeting the client requirements and minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Manage - the solution expected by the client, integration with existing IT assets, enterprise adoption and roll-out, ongoing support to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI).

This structured approach to Open Source adoption has been appreciated by both clients and partners. “It has been a herculean effort by all involved, both us and CIGNEX, to get our new revamped store and online service completed on schedule. I'd just like to comment on how impressed I am of your team and the dedication and efforts they have put in to make this launch happen,” says Darren Hop, Head of Project Management Office & Business Integration, Business Monitor International. CIGNEX has also been consistently recognized as a leading partner by major Open Source technology providers such as Liferay and Alfresco. “The success achieved by our clients has helped put to rest all the misconceptions associated with Open Source. We have experienced increased adoption of Open Source within our client base year after year as their confidence has increased,” added Munwar.

About CIGNEX : CIGNEX (subsidiary of Datamatics Global Services Ltd.) is the global leader in Open Source enterprise solutions - Portals, Content and Big Data Analytics. Since 2000, CIGNEX has focused on Making Open Source WorkTM for the enterprise using industry-standard open platforms and integrating with existing systems to improve client’s profitability. CIGNEX is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA, and has offices in Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia, India, Singapore and Australia.

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